Client Feedback

Client Feedback - Tara Nikita

I put off writing this testimonial for a bit because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to capture in words what a reading with Tara is like. So, here it goes:

You and Tara become the excavators of your truths. She is the channel, the guide – encourager supreme. Her reading is still churning within me, but I know now what to do with that energy.

The proverbial veil has been lifted (a little); there’s still so much work to do. I feel so lucky that I was able decide on some steps forward in my life thanks to Tara’s reading. She’s a gift.

-Natalie, United States

From Tara’s evocative and sharp use of analogy and metaphor, to her intricate and mindful intuitive analysis, I left our session feeling profoundly moved, enlightened, and invigorated by Tara’s insights.

I was similarly awestruck at Tara’s level of depth, detail, and attention in weaving in the individual aspects into a larger, more cohesive narrative: “the sentences that form the story,” as she called them. I found that to be a very powerful method–providing a much needed balance between the appreciation of detail and the wisdom of the bigger picture.

I must add, Tara’s empathy is very much felt, and her grace in allowing the moment to simply be really allowed me to lean further into my wounds, sobs and all, without judgment or shame.

All in all, I feel I’ve arrived at a much more intricate understanding of myself and my chart, and how together these realizations translate into a finer attunement to the soul intention I am here to fulfill.

Though I have since recommended Tara to many friends, I am still not quite done! I absolutely intend to work with her again in the near future and look forward to yet another session of self-exploration and healing.

-Dania, United Arab Emirates

Tara effortlessly attunes to your energy through a thorough combination of technical analysis and qualifying questions.

I found her communication skills to be of the highest caliber, delivering a very deep intuitive understanding to you from her perspective in words that are tailored to your specific place in your own journey.

My reading resonated with truth, and Tara was right there with me on many areas that I thought were unique to my experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to connect with Tara again and can highly recommend her to interpret and translate your astrological blueprint, and to support you. 

I super appreciate Tara’s delivery and low B-S approach to astrology and energy. To have a strong figure to give it to you straight is invaluable and exactly what I look for!

-Alex, Australia

Tara is a consummate professional and masterful astrologer. As a long time student of astrology, beginning to build my own practice, I chose to work with her through a teaching consultation, and I am beyond thrilled with my experience!

I have followed Tara’s video blog for about a year and have continuously been in awe at the clarity, depth and nuance she brings to our craft. When I had the opportunity to meet with Tara for our 2 hour appointment, it was such a gift to find these qualities offered in spades. Through Tara’s empathic and thorough excavation of my own natal chart dynamics, I have come away with a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for the multidimensional energetics found within my own clients’ charts. 

Whether you are a serious student or practicing astrologer, I assure you that after the teaching consultation, you will begin to see the chart through a renewed set of eyes. There’s a living alchemy of intuitive insight and articulate, archetypal mastery in Tara’s approach.

If you find yourself reading this, you are in the right place, this is the right time. I implore you to seek her counsel, as I will certainly return myself!

-Torrence, United States

Tara is a brilliantly intelligent and immensely knowledgeable astrologer. She explores everything in depth, offering fresh perspectives and wise insights. Her approach is empathic and caring and she is clearly devoted to helping her clients. The interesting questions she asks encourage contemplation, which continues after the consultation ends, enabling the emergence of new realizations and generating positive transformation.

-Aurla, United Kingdom

My reading with Tara was powerful. I was left feeling blown away – like my insides had been scraped out and brought to the surface, to the light, to breathe, to be seen and acknowledged. I felt my world shifting and opening as Tara shared her penetrating insights as well as her thoughtful and tender guidance.

Uncovering my inner workings and seeing them displayed through Tara’s Natal Chart Teaching Consultation has taught me so much about myself and about astrology. It has helped to bring my being into alignment.

I feel encouraged to take ownership of who I am and embrace my unique role on this planet. I would highly recommend a consultation with Tara to anyone who is ready, willing, and able to dive deeply into the transformational experience of bearing witness to their true and naked selves.

-Isabel, United States

The reading was incredible. It completely resonated with me. The astrology of my natal chart and the current aspects in my chart are completely in balance. I received affirmation that my soul has a plan and my soul knows the way. My intuition and internal guidance was validated 100%.

Tara’s delivery is symphonic; so fluid. I think she is the very best in her field.  Tara will now be my “go to” astrologer moving forward and I would encourage anyone to work with her for truth and knowing. Her knowledge, intelligence, vocabulary, and character are the best of the best. I thank her so very much.

-Erin, United States

I have never met an astrologer with Tara’s agile understanding of the multiple factors at play, in tandem, in the birth chart.

I have never had a reading that allowed for ways of seeing and understanding the chart from birth, compared to the present and then progressed forward – explained by sharply focused evidence from the chart; and, without any ungrounded, unfounded speculation. I appreciate inquiry-based practice and I received that.

Tara’s ability to see, interpret and communicate complex formulations of astrological data can only be called mastery.

Additionally, her humble, considerate, compassionate demeanor which is paired with light hearted humor put me at such ease that I have already started looking forward to my next session — likely Tarot.

I was looking for an “astrological syllabus” for the foreseeable future and for both confirmation and information on the work of my specific soul’s journey – a tall order – and I received that.

-Gail, United States

My session with Tara was really helpful. It gave me a lot of clarity on some of the underlying causes of and influences on my situation, ways that I can empower myself moving forward and how I can connect to astrological aspects to support me. The session was very thorough, went step by step, and Tara gave me space to ask the questions that were most important to me.

Tara is very sharp, insightful and empathic, and I received the unexpected gift of some insightful mirroring of certain personal qualities I can develop to support me moving forward authentically and with ease.

Highly, highly recommended.

-Marysia, Germany

My session with Tara was simply life-changing.

Tara worked with me and guided me gently in unpacking my life and the lessons I came to learn. Tara listened to me meticulously and with reverence and never missed a single thing throughout the session. I particularly love the way she gently moved me out of my own way in certain areas where I had been holding on to limiting beliefs.

She spoke to me in MY language and I was able to hear her with profound clarity. Tara knew exactly where my blindspots were and she very gently guided me in such a way that I was eventually able to pinpoint them myself and then, using my birth chart, she gave me practical tools to assist me in unlearning and relearning a different way of seeing myself and my beliefs.

Since working with Tara, I have been doing my ‘homework’ and will return to her for the Tools and Support sessions so that I can continue my work of using my natal chart to become the person I can be, want to be and was sent here to be.

I am eternally grateful that Tara has responded to her gift as an astrologer and I am overjoyed that I get to learn about myself in the company of her wisdom!

-Siko M, UK

My session with Tara started a whole new chapter in my understanding of myself, and me in the world. I absolutely love Tara’s approach to the interpretation of the natal chart and transits which is focused on the evolution of consciousness. 

I think my perception of astrology was shallow before, trying to avoid or hide from the malefic planets, trying to just survive the “bad” transits. Now I see how it all makes sense and works to my benefit in the long run.

I will definitely come back for follow up sessions, because the insight and learning I got from Tara asks for continuation, and to have a person like Tara as a support in my evolution is priceless!

-Alicja, Poland

Tara is a force and anyone having a session with her should be ready for some in depth analysis of their psyche.

Her commitment to giving you the absolute clearest understanding of your chart is felt as is her respectful demeanor. If you are ready to get to the root of things, Tara’s approach will guide you to the insights you’re yearning to grasp.

-Katerina, United States

Tara’s astrological reading resonated with me very much – it was a perfect balance of clarity, straightforwardness, deep and uncompromising insight, and understanding of where I am now, deep listening, and support.

Tara’s interpretation of my north node gave me a fresh new perspective and I resonate with it very strongly, especially at this moment of my life. The same goes for the question of power represented by the the Sun/Pluto contact in my chart. Tara’s counseling makes me deeply rethink and contemplate my personal power, and the ways in which I give it away to others.

What I found very helpful and touching is the fact that Tara gave so much attention to my hard Moon/Venus contact – an aspect which I feel very deeply and which defines me a lot. I feel I have received a lot of support from Tara in addressing the issues symbolized by this aspect, and assurance of positive outcomes in the process of healing. 

I enjoyed my experience very much. I am happy to have met Tara, and would recommend her to anyone who wants comprehensive and deep astrological counseling.

-Jelena, Croatia

I don’t believe that I could have navigated the past year without Tara’s attentive care and insights.  I had been navigating a difficult Saturn-Pluto transit over my natal stellium of seven planets—all in Capricorn—which have brought tremendously difficult events into my life. 

During this time, I made an earnest foray into astrology as a means of explaining what was happening.  To gain a deeper understanding of my natal chart and how the transits were impacting me, I booked an astrological consult with Tara.

I was winded by how penetrating Tara’s analysis of my natal chart was, and left the consultation mentally exhausted in the best of ways. 

Tara skillfully unpacked most of the significant planetary configurations in my chart, and provided constructive guidance by which I could navigate transits that were uprooting my relationships with others, my understanding of self, and my overall perspective on life. 

From that consult onward, I started to make positive changes to my life with a newfound sense of trust in life’s beneficence.

I came back to Tara for several more intuitive counseling sessions. Each session was a gift and incredibly rich with insights.  Each time I replayed a recording, new layers to Tara’s analysis would emerge. 

She has a unique ability to present spiritual guidance in practical and practicable ways. At each session, Tara came prepared with practical tools and exercises with which I could implement the spiritual guidance she had given me.

As an intuitive counselor, Tara brings deep integrity and respect to her client work.  As an 11th house-focused individual, I am also deeply appreciative of how nimbly she dances between individual and collective analysis.  I am so pleased to have met her, and look forward to working with her again in the future.

-Jade, United States

There is nothing like a reading with Tara – sessions with her are highly valuable and informative. She prepared incredibly thoroughly for our session and squeezed in as much information as possible into our time together. Her insights have given me a new perspective on a number of important aspects of my life and personality.

What probably stood out the most was how she encouraged me to work with my own nature rather than against it, and gave me ideas of how to do this (life changing!).  I have recommended her to multiple people already and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful, high-quality astrological reading.

-Katy, United States

Let me start by saying it is a lot to digest, but in the best way possible!

Tara’s deep understanding of the realm of astrology is undeniable in her effortless and eloquent way of relaying often complex and layered information. In particular, I really appreciated her ability to translate astrological jargon that would have ultimately meant nothing to me otherwise.

I very much so felt her interpretation of my natal chart resonated with who I am and it ultimately gave me a big boost of confidence to trust in the flow of my life path and it validated my strengths and touched on my weaknesses which is equally as important. 

Tara has wisdom beyond her years and I am very grateful for the time she spent with me. She has been an asset in helping to empower me and I certainly hope to work with her again in the future in some capacity. If you’re on the fence, jump! You won’t regret it! 

-Maria, United States

My birth chart/teaching consult with Tara was absolutely enlightening and an excellent experience.

As an astrology student, I got so much out of her wisdom, clear delineations, and her ability to guide me through her process of finding the most important narratives within a birth chart.

On a personal level, despite my astrology knowledge, I felt that my understanding of my own chart deepened significantly. Tara also gave me wonderful ideas for how to work with some of my greatest challenges and imparted wisdom I’m still chewing on days later. I can’t recommend this session enough!

-Hannah, United States

I chose to have an astrological reading with Tara after watching her video on Pluto-Sun women. I am, as she described it, a ‘proud’ Pluto-Sun woman, and found her insights on this often maligned aspect really refreshing and empowering.

The reading that I had was no different. I’ve known for a while that I’ve been going through some major transits in my life – Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in the 1st house – but as something of an astrology novice, wasn’t sure exactly what, why or how best to navigate this triad powerhouse.

Tara not only completely zoned in on these transits, but also identified several others I had no idea about and which explained a lot about the major transformation I’m experiencing. I found the reading rich, spot on, knowledgeable and insightful, and Tara very easy to communicate with. If you’re thinking of having a reading with Tara I definitely recommend it and I look forward to another reading with her in the future.

-Grace, Australia

My session was so helpful, therapeutic and so much in-depth.

This is one of the best readings that I have ever had in my life. Tara pointed out, from the configurations in my chart, ways that I can heal my wounds, love myself, and use my intuitive gifts to help others. She also used my transit chart to offer guidance on the way I can change my health habits so I can detox my body and the heavy emotional buildup from my painful past.

The two-hour session was wonderful. Tara is a very gifted, talented, empathetic, compassionate and kind person. I appreciated it when she said not to let your natal chart limit you or put extra obstacles in your way. She integrates the chart so well, and there are no generalizations or doom and gloom interpretations. There is hope and soul evolution. 

I recommend her and will return in the future when I need her again.

-Janay, United States

My reading with Tara absolutely resonated with me. I found it extremely insightful. 

Tara was extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned. She was extremely professional and asked many questions to personally unearth (no pun intended) the meaning of the transits and aspects instead of assuming her own ideology and symbols – something I find other astrologers doing frequently, which can give clients a very finite outcome to their potentials. Her work will help bring the study of astrology to a greater understanding and sensitivity. 

I enjoyed the experience and I recommend her highly!! She was extremely organized and generous with her time.

-Ashley, United States

I appreciate Tara’s straightforward and clear approach to astrology, and her attention to detail. The astrological teaching consultation is an excellent value. 

I received practical feedback on how I can transform my thought patterns to bring out the best potentials as outlined in my chart. It’s been a few weeks since the reading and and her insight has already helped me to see the deeper lessons, gifts, and opportunities in some complicated situations. 

Payal, United States

I was impressed by the depth of Tara’s analysis, and appreciated how much time she took to explain not only individual aspects, but how the aspects worked together in my chart historically, as well as how I might experience future transits. What stood out most for me about the reading was how accurately it reflected my own internal dynamic and experiences of shifts in my psyche.

One big takeaway is an appreciation for my own relationship to world events, how my path connects with current transits of outer planets and just the imply reality that I can trust my own instincts about my role…

Tara repeated every intuition I had about myself and where I am headed. It was a big relief to find myself reflected in our conversation.  Perhaps because of my own history of unsteadiness around my sense of belonging in the world, the fact that my chart reflects who I am somehow helps further ground my sense of who I am.

My reading with Tara supports my capacity to move more fully into myself and helps bolster my courage to follow my inner intuition.

I would recommend Tara highly and hope to return in the future.

-Cathy, United States

My chart reading with Tara was exactly what is says on the tin, and then some! It was interactive, enjoyable and everything she said definitely resonated with me. I thought her style of delivery was spot on, where anyone with no knowledge of astrology would understand and relate.

The session was very informative and if I had to choose, I’d say the best part was realising – while Tara was going through the transiting planets – that the reading was a reflection of what was actually happening in my life RIGHT NOW (in the real world). That was not only mind-blowing but it also put into perspective a lot of my past and current experiences. It really reassured me that everything I’ve been sensing, feeling and experiencing is REAL and that I just need to trust myself more and pay attention to my intuition.

I must say that I’ve had a few chart readings, but so far this has been the most revelatory and most comprehensive. I left the session feeling genuinely satisfied. Tara picked up on a lot of things that hadn’t been mentioned in my other readings and I believe this is down to the intake form, as it then provided her with key topic areas to cover during in the reading that are based on my current experiences. In doing so I was able to have a more helpful and productive session.

A lot can be derived from a chart reading and the best readings – in my opinion – are from astrologers who’ve found a way to (within a short period of time) focus in on the most beneficial information that would be of greater value to the client.

I believe Tara has found a unique way to do this and as a result, she’s able to tailor the session to what’s important to the client, as opposed to just giving you a reading based on what she “thinks” you should know! This really was the counselling session I didn’t know I needed…

I truly enjoyed the experience and would most definitely recommend Tara to anyone else searching for a reading that’s comprehensive and from an astrologer that is professional, intuitive, well organised and very knowledgeable.

-Elizabeth, Kenya

My session with Tara resonated with me greatly and was very insightful. At various points, I got the chills. It was fascinating to learn about astrology and, ultimately, my personal wiring beyond just planetary placements. What stood out to me the most is that Tara was able to capture the subconscious sentiments and thoughts I have experienced throughout adulthood, without my sharing; I wasn’t even aware I had them!

With this new knowledge at the forefront of my consciousness, I can begin to develop the forgiving self-understanding I so deeply craved.

My greatest take-away is the understanding that I need to make peace with the cosmic forces to begin my journey on the road to healing. I now feel more comfortable with practicing self-love, while “trusting the process” all the while.

I really appreciated being able to share my experience with Tara both before and during the reading. This allowed us to have a meaningful dialogue about what is relevant in my life. I admire and appreciate Tara’s integrity and expertise. She reads, she listens, and she responds.

I was blown away!

-Carlos, United States

Mind blown! I came across Tara’s YouTube channel and instantly felt a connection. I knew she would be the person to best help me understand what was taking place in my life. I was right! Tara is extremely gifted, kind and compassionate. Honestly, there aren’t any words for what she has done for me spiritually and emotionally.

My astrological reading and guidance was very straight to the point. Tara clarified everything I was perplexed about with my awakening. The best advice though: she told me to enjoy everything that is taking place in my life. That simple adage has done wonders for me every day as I continue to unravel, and remember who I am.

-Sade, United States

Tara’s insights into the mechanics and connecting themes in the astrology chart are astounding. She has a strong understanding of aspects, the relationships between planets, and recurring dynamics, which means she can analyze one aspect of your birth chart while also connecting this piece to the greater whole. 

I recommend a reading with Tara if you are interested in not just what makes you tick, but why, and which aspects of your natal energy may be fueling this. 

Tara’s unique analytical style and approach to astrological counseling is different from any other astrology reading I have received. I would absolutely recommend a reading with Tara if you are interested in diving deep.

-Ashley R, United States

My astrological counseling  consultation was in-depth as well as revelatory. Tara’s ability to find patterns in my chart that presented clarification and opportunities for growth, was eye opening.

Starting with my transits and applying current astrological configurations to past experiences, confirmed intuitions I discovered prior to our reading, but most importantly unearthed key elements that slipped under my radar. It was a thorough breakdown and I am still humbled by her expertise. Looking forward to another session. 

-Carl, United States

I found the natal chart teaching and consultation with Tara extremely insightful and helpful. It was incredible to see how my birth chart translated into the themes and patterns that I see in my life. Tara did an excellent job reading the cosmos and interpreting it in a way that I, someone with a very limited understanding of astrology, was able to understand and digest.

I was also very impressed with the amount of information that she was able to squeeze into our two hour session. Her ability to put into words things that I struggle with or find difficult in my life as well as my strengths, is a tool that I find very useful, particularly because she records the session and makes it available to you for future examination.

I valued our session together very much and would totally consider working with her again!

-Josh, United States

My consultation with Tara was an incredibly validating, eye-opening, and educating experience.

I first learned of Tara’s consultations through a link to one of her YouTube videos that was posted in an astrological Facebook group I had recently joined.

To be quite honest, I had never heard anyone speak about astrology in such a manner that deeply resonated with me. When I watched that video, I knew I wanted to have her do a full birth chart reading for me just from a very insightful 20 minutes.

I was impressed with Tara’s grasp of my chart and all the placements that make up who I am. She helped me understand that although I have some challenging aspects, they can be used to my benefit.

After the reading, I walked away feeling much more hopeful about life and feeling as if I have more power to change what I feel is not working for me.

I look forward to another session with Tara and will be studying the recording of my reading for quite some time as Tara covers a lot of information and gives great detail. Highly recommend!

-Candis, USA

It’s challenging to live an unease that one is incapable of understanding or describing. I’ve felt “off” for the past two years but as a respectable Capricorn, I pushed through. What a respite it was when Tara explained the planetary transits and progressions that were the “culprit” for my personal experiences. The reading and the reader resonated with me. Tara is personable, professional and encouraging.

Her pre and post session care are impeccable and set the tone for working with her again. She is knowledgeable, caring and obviously hungry for more. Tara was able to tie my current experiences in all areas of life with a celestial schedule, this is encouraging me to stay the course.

I absolutely recommend Tara, she is a lighthouse.

– A.B., United States

My astrological reading with Tara resonated with me – even though I use a different house system! I love how Tara focused on both the current transits and my natal karma. Her focus on my nodes, my sun and moon was spot on and affirming. 

I came away from the session with a deeper understanding of who I am, my flaws, my strengths, and a deeper appreciation for myself, flaws and all.  

I enjoyed my experience with Tara. I would certainly recommend, and have already been talking to others about my experience!

-C.D, United States

Repeat customer.

I have had a positive experience with Tara and have come back as a repeat customer. What a joy it is to know that in the future as transits come up I can count on a professional and kind-hearted reading with Tara. As a person with a 9-5 job I am happy that Tara offers Saturday appointments.

Tara is a diamond in the rough of readers and I will explain why.

1) ease of booking appointment.

2) confirmation of your appointment is timely and is followed with an in-take form that is filled out by me to give Tara insight on what aspect of my life and chart are the focus point of our meeting.

3) once the intake form is completed and submitted with a simple email attachment, Tara uses the information to give a wealth of insight.

4) the session with Tara starts on time and is recorded so that I can relax and interact in a comfortable atmosphere. A link to the recording is sent after the recording for you to keep and refer back to.

If there was a yelp review for this service I would give 5 out of 5 stars with my recommendation.

-Joni, United States

I went to Tara after what felt like months of endless crisis after crisis, in hopes of gaining some clarity and direction. Tara certainly did not let me down. Her astrological reading was thorough, scarily accurate, and resonated with me deeply; I was left feeling understood and with a renewed sense of purpose. I hope to get more readings in the future, and have already recommended Tara to friends and family.

-Winnie, Taiwan

My astrological reading with Tara deeply resonated with me and made me aware of patterns within me that I knew of but could not explain. I found it very fascinating and helpful how Tara put together the complex data derived from my chart into sentences that spoke straight to the heart of the matter. I found it extremely insightful and I tremendously enjoyed the experience. 

I would absolutely recommend Tara to anyone who is into astrology and related disciplines for a very thorough natal chart reading. I will return very soon.

-Panagiotis, Greece/United States

My astrological counseling consultation with Tara was thorough and accurate.

It felt very good to have an outside, supportive perspective on the changes occurring in my life right now, especially one which sees the collective energetic patterns in such a matter of fact and grounded way.

I gained further clarity on my chart and gained interesting insights into challenging dynamics I have faced, whilst also feeling uplifted and excited about the creative potential within these frictions.

I appreciated Tara’s ability to be constructive and uplifting while remaining grounded and accurate!

Thank you Tara!

-Isolde, Ireland

I had a great experience. Her astrological reading was extremely insightful and was able to answer and clarify so much and ease a lot of my anxieties throughout the session.

The most helpful aspect of my reading was when she was able to show me the patterns and themes I never knew existed so strongly in my chart and how I can use what I’ve been feeling as my current “weaknesses” as my unique future strengths. 

I would recommend Tara to anyone seeking clarity and guidance. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Tara!

-Chelsea, United States

I found the session to be very thorough. I appreciated Tara’s ability to listen and tune in to what I expressed and how it related to my chart.

I would definitely do a follow up and refer others because of how insightful the experience has been. Tara is by far the best astrologer I have come across – she manages to blend everything together to get to the full personality.

-Sonja, United States

My natal reading resonated with me from start to finish. Tara wasted no time on formalities or fluff and got straight into the nitty gritty of my chart. She eased me in slowly, giving me enough information to understand and built on that as our time went on.

She showed me my life’s blueprint, tying together everything about my natal chart that I used to be confused about. I felt happy with my decision to have the session because it was the first time I understood my chart in the way that the planets, houses and aspects directly relate to me.

Every minute of our session resonated. I found it deeply insightful.

I think it’s hard to understand when you are researching aspects, planets and houses and trying to figure out how the general explanations apply to your life but when you have someone who’s deeply knowledgeable looking at the chart and how things interact together as a whole, it gives you a new level of understanding.

I loved this experience! It was transformative.

My heart is full and I have hope in forgiveness of myself and the past, and hope in the possibilities of the future.

Thank you Tara.

-Shante, United States

There’s a lot of appreciation rising up for Tara’s reading. I felt seen, and known and understood in encouraging ways. It was uplifting. It was action-packed with a tremendous amount of detail. It was fun. It took care of all the questions I came with and also revealed an age old difficulty that I’m now prepared to integrate. It reawakened the awe I have for astrology and the benefits of bringing conscious awareness to the cycles of our lives. Beautiful.

-Jessica, United States

I was so excited about my session with Tara and it most definitely did not disappoint. I went into it with no expectations, just an open mind and heart. I love how she breaks down transits and different astrological concepts for you to understand how they can potentially play out in your own reality.

She gave me a different perspective of my circumstances. I appreciate her genuine advice and even recommendation of books. I look forward to my next session! 

-Mishijah, United States

I had my first consultation with Tara a little over a month ago. I was struggling with my emotions, feeling let down and lost, but I can say with 100% certainty that the guidance and absolute wonderful words of wisdom Tara shared with me have helped and are continuing to help guide me toward rebuilding my future. 

During our session I felt free to share the fears and anxieties I sometimes feel weary of sharing with people I communicate with on a daily basis in fear of being judged. There was no judgement from Tara – only understanding and words of encouragement.

Because of Tara I feel a new sense of empowerment and trust in the universe, but most of all I feel a new strength when it comes to trusting my own gut instincts. She has a way of helping you shut out all the chatter life tries to throw in your ears so you can concentrate on your true emotions and your true destiny. 

I feel very thankful to have come across someone like Tara.

– Holli, United States

I had the pleasure of having an astrological counseling consultation with Tara and was very pleased with her insights and expertise. I especially enjoyed learning about my north and south nodes and how the feelings I have been experiencing are tied to the nodes. 

I would recommend her to anyone who feels like they want to gain some expert perspective on their chart by a true professional.

-B.R., United States

My astrological reading with Tara definitely resonated with me. Tara was able to take the most important parts of my intake form and touch on those subjects with the delicacy they require, but while still offering straightforward, honest guidance.

It was very insightful. I am so glad Tara records her readings because although I have listened to it a few times, I am still unpacking it and gaining new insights I may have overlooked the first time.

The most helpful aspect of my session was how reassuring it was to hear why I am drawn to certain things and how I can break some of the habits that are not serving me well.

I enjoyed the experience. I was very comfortable with Tara from the beginning. You can tell Tara really takes her time to prepare for her sessions so she can help her clients as much as possible. 

I would definitely recommend Tara, and would definitely return. My experience exceeded what I was expecting. 

-Olivia, United States

This was my first time getting an astrological reading done and Tara helped me navigate and understand my chart and current transits in a very practical and understandable way. We first spoke about my natal chart and went on to interpret past transits, current transits and progressions. What really resonated with me was being able to tie my life timeline and past events into specific astrological transits and progressions that were occurring at those specific times. This helped me gain a deeper and tangible understanding of how powerful astrology truly is.

Tara took her time with me and encouraged me to ask any astrological questions once the session was complete. It was super helpful and I felt really comfortable. Because she knew I have a basic comprehension of astrology, she also encouraged me to participate in the reading as well by giving insight on how having specific placements played out in my chart. 

Overall, I had a great first experience and would definitely have another reading done in the near future. Tara went above and beyond and gave so much insight.

– Tisha, Canada

My experience working with Tara was exceptional. I had so many questions and Tara answered ALL of them in a way that I could understand. I am in the beginning stages of learning about my birth chart and astrology, which can be quite daunting. Tara made me feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend her and would love to work with her again.

-Joni, United States

Tara is very professional and organized, which made our time together flow smoothly. The reading itself was very informative – it resonated with me on many levels. Tara helped me to clarify areas of my life that have been causing a great deal of frustration. 

As we weaved through our 90 minutes together, the many insights I gained were invaluable, and I now feel a sense of peace and understanding on how to proceed on my life path. The most helpful aspect of the reading was showing me the way I am wired, and my soul signatures. 

This knowledge provided a roadmap to assist me in living my best life. 

I would definitely recommend Tara, and will certainly see her again, sooner rather than later.

– Suzanne, Jamaica

My reading with Tara absolutely resonated with me. The reading has answered a lot of my underlying questions and has, most of all given me the permission and power I needed to step into my own B-eing.

I found it extremely insightful. It was very relaxed – like a conversation between souls. Especially because of my religious background, I was grateful that it didn’t feel too occult. I have always had a leaning toward exo-Christian practices and I had an opportunity to explore this without violating my own tenets of belief. 

The most helpful aspect of the reading was the outlined trajectory of the journey I am on. The precision with which it represented where I am now allowed me to trust the precision of the prognosticated future. 

I absolutely enjoyed the experience. Tara has a very genuine and open spirit that allows people to talk to her. Despite me feeling some of what Tara was going through, it did not block my ability to connect with her. In fact, it created such a commonality and harmony that I felt safe with her. 

Would I recommend her or return? Yes – I’m READY! I was much more authentic, powerful and self-assured this week because of Tara. I am grateful for her. 

-K.D., Jamaica 

Tara is a very intuitive reader, and the sessions reflect this intuitiveness. Unlike other readers who seem to pull names out of the air, which often bear no connection to the individual, Tara seeks to connect directly to you, and your individual issues.

The session was very interactive, and allowed me to also make sense of the cards. I left with an uplifting feeling, a sense of empowerment and a clearer direction, knowing that real power lies in my hands.

The readings are also very thorough, and Tara simply takes her time, allowing the cards to speak to the various issues. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and definitely would make a booking for another.

-S.B., Jamaica

I really enjoyed my reading with Tara; it deeply resonated with me and some of my own intuitive insights were confirmed and expanded with new information. Tara is great at intuitively feeling the messages that are there for you, but she also combines them with down to earth and practical guidance. This was most helpful as it brought me understanding and clarity about specific actions I could take.

I think Tara is great at distilling the essence of something, and would love to work further with her on a different reading of my astrology chart.

-Irina, The Netherlands

My astrological consultation with Tara was extremely insightful and I felt that Tara knew me which made me feel ecstatic! The most helpful and insightful aspects of my session were when Tara pointed out and clarified the deeper reasons informing why I was considering massive transitions within my life, and this made me feel very understood. I 100% recommend Tara and I cannot wait to return!

-Alyassa, United States

I came across Tara quite by accident (if there is really such a thing). Having just gone through a spiritual awakening, I have lots of questions that I google daily! A blog post she had written answered one of such questions. What she had to say resonated with me immediately so I looked into her further! That’s when I discovered her website and the services she offers…quickly deciding to have her do my natal chart.

Tara is gifted and thorough! I was extremely pleased with what I got from our lengthy session. Be assured that she does not disappoint with whatever assistance she gives, and I hope to work with her again very soon!

-Jenny, United States

I am happy and pleased to have gotten in touch with Tara for an astrological counseling consultation. She gave me valuable insight and guidance about my most pressing dilemmas, which I am certain will echo in me for a long while and make a lasting improvement in my life. I appreciated Tara’s sincere approach and focus, as well as the pleasant feeling I had after our session. I would definitely recommend Tara and get back in touch with her again.

-Mia, Macedonia

Tara….oh my Goddess

Where do I even begin?? Well, with loads of gratitude for sure! WOW – you provided me with so much affirmation! And validated soooo many thoughts and feelings. It was so very helpful to be able to gaze at the cards while listening to your reading. 

The reading really helped me gain the confidence to listen to my own intuition and inner voice.  It makes such a difference when you get an outside perspective to affirm what you already know inside.

Everything you brought up was spot on and absolutely resonated with me on many levels. I have had my cards read for me several times over the years, and I must say this is one that stands among the most insightful. 

– Stacy, United States

Prior to my reading with Tara I was in a rut as I was crippled with the fear of uncertainty and I struggled with making the right decisions for my life. I analysed and over-analysed the “what ifs” of my journey and though I knew my procrastination was unhealthy, I simply did not know how to move on from the series of “misfortunes” in my experience.

Through my reading with Tara I have been empowered with life altering validation and I move forward with an admirable certainty about my life, knowing how to find my happiness and enjoy my prosperity. The most helpful resource my reading with Tara has given me is the foundation on which I can now rebuild my experience in a better way, and the anticipation of knowing my biggest accomplishments are truly ahead of me.

I often listen to the recording of my session and Tara’s words resonate with me deeply. As they unfold they have proven to be accurate and exactly what I needed. Tara’s guidance on the specific areas such as career and love has been especially helpful, and for the first time in years I am now making tangible decisions that are proving to be the beginning of my new life with the renewed confidence Tara has given me. I would highly recommend Tara because everyone could use a little guidance on their path.

Thank you Tara for the great work you are doing.

With much love

-Sashanee, Jamaica 

The Universe is so timely and I must say that I am very happy I decided to do the reading with you. I feel as though I have evolved somehow since then. 

I appreciated how you made it comfortable for me to express, even when words failed me. The environment is beautiful and peaceful. The sounds of the birds will forever stand out in my memory…

You are blessed with a great gift and I thank you for allowing me into your space. You have a lifetime customer. I will be back again as time goes on. Thank you for helping me with this breakthrough.

-Tonisha, Jamaica

I have been to Tara for two readings – and on each occasion they have been very insightful, and resonated with me so much. My sessions with Tara brought up perspectives I never thought of before. I started to think in a different way, and to look at my life in a different way.

My sessions with Tara put me on a path. I was able to understand where I was headed, and the direction that I needed to head toward. It’s like you can “align” yourself with the reading, using it as your compass. It’s on point. My sessions with Tara have helped to give me a strong spiritual focus and direction, allowing me to become a better person.

A reading with Tara is an experience everyone should have. I say this because it helped to wipe away any doubts and skepticism I had about the idea of a “reading.”

It is as if Tara is teacher-trained in her craft. She is articulate, and clear. Additionally, Tara sets the mood and the environment in a way that made me comfortable and put me completely at ease – no creepy stuff!

I’m glad I took that step to go for a reading.

-Kadeen, Jamaica

“It’s more about minding your own emotional business and energy.” – Tara

Still marinating in my session with Tara Nikita yesterday, and all the astrological and intuitive insights. Let her help you dredge up clarity from your higher consciousness. It will re-arrange your path forward in all the best ways possible – trust me!

-Soyini, United States

The 1 hour and 20 minutes spent with Tara was the best and most enlightening 1 hour and 20 minutes I have had in my life for a long time as far as direction and guidance goes.

The sessions are free and natural and help you to release. Every intuitive moment was worth the while. Every moment of pause and calm created ease and a freeing of my spirit; like the freeing of channels that I somehow never knew I had closed.

An experience of gratitude. Thank you, Tara. 

May your gift be magnified always.

-Elaine, Jamaica

I loved my reading from Tara!

Her insights were thoughtful, clear and thorough. She addressed my questions by quickly getting at the root of the issue in a way that was illuminating, kind and empowering. I enjoyed how the messages were geared not to tell me what would happen to me but to help me decide for myself which direction to take. I’d suggest Tara to anyone seeking a tarot reading to open their perspective and the possibilities in life.

Thank you!!

-Shawna, United States

My reading with Tara was my first experience of anything like this. I found it uncanny that specific cards came up in my reading that had so much relevance to my life. My reading with Tara was insightful – yes, there were things that I was already somewhat aware of, but my reading with Tara was not a run of the mill discussion. I received another perspective above and beyond what I already knew.

Tara did not attempt to “read my life.” Choosing the cards myself reinforced that they came up because I invited those energies into my own life. In my reading with Tara the cards became a platform for discussion – prompting me to have a discussion with myself.

I appreciated Tara’s empathy, objectivity, and her ability to listen. I received an objective read, which made the experience insightful. I appreciated the simplicity of her explanations, delivered in a way I could easily understand. During my session I thought Tara must do this a lot because she was able to connect the dots between different portions of my reading, and of my life – she made connections I would not have made.

I’ll be back.

-Keisha, Jamaica

I booked a reading with Tara to inquire about two major areas of my life that I was feeling some ambivalence and uncertainty around.

As I described the purpose of my visit, Tara asked thoughtful questions that not only informed the reading but also helped steer the conversation toward the core issues that were laying beneath my questions. As someone who prefers a direct and to-the-point approach, I really appreciated Tara’s ability to get right to the heart of my concerns.

I was honestly blown away by the combination of Tara’s mastery with the cards and her obvious gift for intuitive knowing. Her ability to probe gently for more information when needed was a way of empowering me as the recipient of the reading; her questions actually facilitated the process of helping me access my own intuition and to verbalize what I was experiencing, which is something I’ve often struggled with.

Between the cards and Tara’s way of facilitating a collaboration between our intuitions, we uncovered something that I’d known on a level for years but had never before been able to speak or consciously acknowledge. Overall, the reading was tremendously useful not only for the information it brought forth, but for the experience of tapping into my higher knowing. Very empowering.

I would definitely recommend Tara to anyone interested in investigating the issues that challenge them in life. Tara not only helps you access new perspectives and information, but she actually shows you what it feels like to access your higher knowing. This is a priceless experience in my opinion, and something you can take with you long after the reading is done.

-Jessica, United States/Jamaica

Tara is the real deal.

She reads the Tarot with passion, she delivers the messages with clarity and compassionate honesty. In addition to all of this, she is a professional and also approaches this sacred work from a place of professionalism and tremendous value. I was beyond pleased and satisfied with my time spent with her for a reading.

-Shevy, Jamaica

That reading is so much what I needed to hear!

Tara, thank you for taking the time, and the clarity of explaining the message that was meant for me.

You are really accurate in regards to my being in my personal power, and building my solar plexus, and allowing the blessings of my hard work to just come into my life.

I feel so much better. You are divine, a sister, and a teacher; such a blessing on this earth!

-Rosalind, United States

My reading with Tara was awesome!

Tara was very clear in her reading of the cards. Many things she said were so true, it was like she was in my mind. The terms and phrases she used proved to me that Spirit was there. I was honoured to touch Tara’s cards and put my intentions into them. The essential oils were soothing. I was at ease.

Tara’s guidance was amazing and synchronized with all the videos I have watched and books I have read on the path of least resistance. I was blessed by our session and I would love to book another. I would recommend a session with Tara to anyone who needs answers.

-Racquel, Jamaica

Before meeting Tara, Tarot was, for want of a better word, “spookiness” to me. However, after being present at a Q & A styled talk on the topic at which Tara was the presenter, Tarot was forever demystified in my mind.

The first thing that struck me about her was she looked like the typical girl next door and nothing like the stereotypical Tarot reader – I confess I had bought into the image portrayed in the movies. Tara articulately explained how Tarot is used as a metaphysical and energetic tool for counselling and healing.

As she further explained things like the relationship between tarot and psychic intuition, how the tarot could be used to understand the energetic foundation of our circumstance & how it can be used as a tool for insight and guidance, my interest in the Tarot was piqued.

Being someone on the path self discovery I had no choice but to book a session with Tara to explore the Tarot which I had now become convinced would be a very helpful tool in further exploring my true self.

Again, the session was like a sit down chit chat with the girl next door with special gifts as there was nothing unusual about the space in which it was held. Just in case I had any remnant hang-ups, Tara made the session seem like a natural occurrence.

We took a look at 3 important areas of my life and by the time the session was over, I had a new found trust for my inner guidance as the readings revealed that which I was sensing intuitively. This perhaps was the main take-away from what I would say was an extremely insightful & enjoyable experience.

I would recommend Tara at the drop of a hat.

-Leighton, Jamaica

First Tara, wow!

Several things came up not just in the cards, but in your reading of them that was so on the mark. What your reading is telling me is that I need to stop focusing on that salary and start focusing on my passion and purpose, the salary I need will come.

Bottom line, your reading confirmed things I have already felt and known, but also gave me the instructions that I have been avoiding, which is that I’ve reached the point where I need to take action. I need to stop allowing fear of the changes to keep me in place.

Your reading was very thorough and clear. Your way of connecting the cards together was very well done. Your reading was totally on the mark.

Thank you so much!

-Cheryl, United States

I am so impressed with the accuracy of your reading, your professional commitment, and your sensitivity in understanding the importance of my situation.

You have shown inherent intuitive insight by reading between the lines.

Your reading is so true, and you have an ability to communicate with such diplomacy and connectivity at a one on one personal level.

Your presentation style is exceptional – there is such ease of understanding and complete reading excellence!

– April, Canada

Dear Tara,

Thank you for your insightful reading and I found the recording most helpful.

Each of the cards resonated with me, especially with the final card stating what direction I need to head towards. I had mixed emotions on the situation but your insight has given me the guidance I needed to make an informed decision that I was putting off but I knew needed to be made.

Your reading was accurate in what I had assumed all along.

Thank you.

-Elizabeth, Australia

Thank you for such a thorough and thoughtful reading. You really do have a wonderful gift!

You did an amazing job of interpreting the cards and validated a number of situations and feelings. You answered my question and addressed my concerns while also giving me a feeling that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to have a recording that I can refer back to that reminds me I am on the right path.

-Lorenda, United States

Thank you for a clear, insightful reading. Everything you said made sense and this helped to clarify all my doubts. I have a better understanding of my situation now, as well as peace of mind. You have a great gift and I am grateful that you have shared it with me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Rehana, South Africa


First off I would like to say thank you so much for the reading. I liked that you recorded it as well, it helped me to really connect to you as a reader and trust the messages I am hearing versus reading it in an email. I think it is important as a reader to be able to build connection and rapport with your client, so hearing your voice really helped to align that connection and compassion you hold for your client.

After listening to your reading it helped me to reaffirm and assess my past relationships and what I am looking for in the future. I also received support a few days later in how to get really clear on what I want and need in romantic partnerships. So I think the messages you gave me prepared and motivated me to take action in doing so and the timing was perfect.

I also wanted to mention that I really like how you were very honest in your reading. You kept it simple and straight forward even when it did not seem like an ideal reading or a clear outcome. I think that the hardest part for readers is relaying the message (regardless of what it is) to the client in the best way for them to process for future growth/development. 

I think you have a great gift to share with others in regards to tarot and the metaphysical realms.

In gratitude

– Jacquelyn, Canada

Dear Tara,

First of all, let me tell you that I sincerely appreciate that you have done this reading for me. I wish I was able to let you know of this in person.

I must say that I admire your work. You have provided me with a very insightful and accurate interpretation and I really liked that you have recorded it and given it to me in a mp3 file which of course I will be listening to again and again as I progress with this situation.

As to the contents of the interpretation itself, I want to let you know that I find it accurate, it is in line with what has happened in my life, and it is also it is in line with many of the conclusions that I have come to after a year of experiencing this situation.

I foresee that you will help a lot of people with your gifts.

Thank You.

– Sergio, México

Tara, thank you for this very honest, very insightful, clear and detailed reading – I appreciate it very much. 

– Shannon, Singapore

I found my reading from Tara very honest and direct to the questions and worries that I have in my life. She was pretty much spot on with everything that she had to say.

I am thankful to have received this reading because it has given me the insight I need to move on with my life.

Thank you, Tara.

-Caszandra, Australia


Many thanks for my reading. It was exceptionally accurate and has given me great insight into my next move. It’s one of the best that I have ever had. You do really have a talent for the tarot cards.

– Nicky, United Kingdom


This was one of the best readings I’ve ever had. The detail and thoughtfulness in answering my questions through the tarot was amazing.

The answer to my first question gave me hope and the answer to my second question gave me confirmation. Overall, I got a great sense of direction as far as what I need to work on inwardly. It was very insightful. Especially in the way that you inspired and encouraged me even through the negative aspects of the reading.

I really enjoyed hearing about parts of myself I hadn’t considered. I was raised to know how to focus on myself and to be content with who I am as a person. Hearing that spoken about myself from a perfect stranger was very encouraging and exciting. It reminded me that it’s okay to be happy with me. And there’s nothing wrong with who I am.

The most helpful aspect of the reading was the direction you gave concerning my environment (who is important in my journey and who is not). What made this a great reading was mostly the fact that you didn’t just tell me what the cards said (something a lot of readers do), you also gave guidance.

Everything in this reading resonated with me.

I appreciate this so much. Thank you.

-Kiandra, United States

I was going to make a mistake but you have stopped me at the right time. 

Thanks for such an informative read …you were very good and kind. 

God be with you in helping others in need.

– Vikas, India


Thank you very much for this reading. 

The reading has helped me to see how to proceed and search deeper within myself. It has made things a lot clearer. The way you put everything was very easy to understand.  I am very pleased. This has been very good guidance for me.

– Hedi, Ireland


This is very useful and absolutely bang on.

It resonates very well and reinforces my gut feel. What I like best about your style is that it is clear, concise and completely unambiguous…

You are definitely one talented lady and clearly care about the clients you read for… Sending a voice reading instead of a typed one is an example of such a personal touch. I think you are innately gifted and bless you from the bottom of my heart.

– Sonia, India

Spot on, spot on, spot on.

I will definitely be consulting with you again. You care and are passionate. I am thrilled!

– Dea, Canada


I found the reading very, very accurate – especially in your description of me and my partner.

The most important part of the reading for me was the call to action. It was the kind of information I need to step forward. Your advice to speak lovingly to the part of myself that is afraid resonated with me. When you said to speak to my fear as if it were a child, I was incredibly moved, and it was guidance I needed to control my doubts. Since your reading I was able to talk to my partner about my feelings and my fears, and it was beautiful. I feel ready to move forward with the relationship.

– Antoinette, United States