Tarot Ethics: Another Perspective

tarot ethics

A recent experience has had me thinking about Tarot ethics. Perhaps I’m not even saying that right. What I’m really trying to get at is the personal “ethics” behind being a channel as a Tarot reader. As a reader of Tarot I am entrusted with receiving and translating messages for others; Tarot cards focus my intuition as I tune in and dial up to ask for the information that is in the highest interest of my client to understand.

What are my responsibilities in this process? Yes, as Tarot readers we have our ethical codes neatly posted on our websites. No ‘third party’ readings; no snooping. Good. But what I really want to dissect here is our responsibility to be clear as channels.

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Healing Vibrational Separation – the Hierophant


The great thing about having so much channelled information is that we get to hear the same information in many different ways, and sometimes a particular way of saying something hits us powerfully because that particular formulation is exactly how we need to hear it at the moment. 

This hit me so powerfully, I just had to share these words from Esther Hicks/Abraham:

When you focus upon a subject or situation and you feel bad, it is not the subject or the situation that is the reason for your bad feeling. You feel bad because the thoughts have caused a vibrational separation in you. In other words, you have chosen to give your attention to something that the Source within you is not giving attention to.

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