An Astrological Approach


The astrological chart is a map, a symbolic diagram of our energetic and psychological attunement. But the astrological natal chart is more than that: it is a cosmic statement, a cosmic manifesto, of the evolutionary and developmental tasks we have assigned ourselves in the lifetime we are currently living.

Challenging aspects between, say, the Moon and Pluto may very well signal that one of our evolutionary tasks is to learn how to release and purge the emotional resentment originating from a difficult and complex relationship with our mother figure. We may very well challenge ourselves by partaking in outer events, situations and lessons that provide an impetus for us to experience and then release our resentment and wounded feelings. Challenging aspects between the Moon and Saturn in our astrological natal chart may indicate that part of our curriculum of evolution is to experience and transcend feelings (Moon) of inadequacy (Saturn).

Similarly, aspects between the Sun and Pluto may indicate that one of our evolutionary tasks – from the perspective of our souls – is to learn how to claim our power, to learn what being (Sun) powerful (Pluto) actually is. We may, in this instance, with a significant Sun-Pluto aspect, have assigned ourselves the evolutionary task of understanding that true power is always something that we radiate from within – in true solar fashion, not something coming from without.

In the physical external world, we may therefore elect to experience situations and events that allow us to demonstrate to ourselves the correct application of power. Or we may find ourselves in a disempowering external situation in order to learn how to reach for inner resources and inner power (Sun-Pluto). Part of our central aims and purposes (Sun) of the lifetime we are living may be to help others to access their own inner power (Sun-Pluto).

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Many Happy (Solar) Returns & an email to a friend


Today is my birthday. I am incredibly moved by and thankful for the massive boulder-like transformations which have happened in the last year. I read a blog post recently which started out by saying “someone should make a t-shirt that says ‘I survived Saturn in Scorpio’ and sell it.” I laughed – far too knowingly. I thank this blogger because this post made me really feel the (cosmic) humour of the last year. In the moment as I read that I simply felt the energy of acceptance of What Is, What Was. (Complete list of astrological ‘heavies’ of the last year or so: transiting Saturn conjunct Sun, transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn, transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto, transiting Neptune square Midheaven, and Secondary Progressed New Moon.)

I declare to Spirit that I lay down all modalities that do not need to enter this new solar cycle. I lay them down at the door, joyfully taking only what is necessary. As I write this, I see the tarot card of the Fool, as he stands on the precipice of a cliff, arms outstretched, embracing the dawn of a new existence. In his knapsack are the essentials he absolutely needs, and nothing else.

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