{Free Gift} Hey I’m Awake: A practical guide for navigating your spiritual awakening

I’ve wanted for some time now to create something specially for those in the middle of a spiritual awakening, and this free e-guide has been a joy to make.

Hey: I’m Awake, isn’t fundamentally about energetic frequency patterns, DNA upgrades and activation, or dimensions and densities. It isn’t fundamentally about the planetary grid, intelligence fields, photons, gamma-rays, solar flares, the galactic core, timelines, or the human relationship with our extra-dimensional family. Since the flowering of consciousness is felt at the level of the individual, since the awakening of perception is actually a very “quotidian” sort of thing, and since it all has to do with the actual lives we live every day, this guide is more about how to navigate your individual awakening process with dignity, grace, and impeccable clarity.

Discover in Hey, I’m Awake:

How to gracefully deal with people around you who may not be “on board” with your spiritual awakening.

How to work with your physical body to more effectively manage the energies and information you are integrating.

What relationship changes and disruptions mean, and how to navigate them with a little know-how and savvy.

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The Tarot of Spiritual Awakening and Lightwork

This topic is really very dear to my heart. I came to Tarot through my own spiritual awakening – I had myself received the deep healing and expansion of perspective that the Tarot helped provide. This brings up something I feel is critical for a truly effective and meaningful Tarot praxis: practitioners of Tarot greatly enrich their own relationship with their healing tool when they experience it first-hand, as “seekers”.

Tarot helped me to understand my own spiritual awakening. My work with the Tarot is an upshot of my own healing process. My work is about helping people to understand, with Tarot, the very confusing and challenging periods of spiritual awakening and initiation into lightwork.

The archetypes of the Tarot speak to universal experiences of spiritual awakening; experiences that are common amongst the collective of lightworkers. From my experience, what lightworkers and those undergoing a spiritual awakening really need for healing is context.

What follows is a short guide. With just a few of the archetypes which spoke most to me in the moment, and which speak to my clients time and time again, I explore how they can help us in coming to terms with the process of individual awakening and spiritual expansion.

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