Intuitive Readings: Frequently Asked Questions

Intuitive Readings - Frequently Asked Questions -Tara Nikita

Tara, are you the right intuitive reader for me?

My readings are really focused on therapeutic insight (insight and information that has therapeutic value), meaningful guidance, helping the person I work with get some perspective on their situation, and helping my clients come away with more clarity and a sense of being empowered to effectively approach their lives.

In my books, information and insight are distinct from each other. You can leave a reading with information, but fail to come away with insight. Insight is designed to offer you deeper, and new perspectives of what is happening in your life. Therapeutic insight takes insight a little further: it takes insight from something that is just intellectual, and turns into an embodied experience. Meaning, the insight gained helps you to release and heal on an emotional/energetic level, and helps you feel better.

I work best with people who need to: i) understand their situations more deeply, ii) shift their perspective iii) start the process of emotional healing iv) integrate spiritual and life lessons v) reveal and connect with their own internal wisdom and vi) participate purposefully and consciously with their own power to create the outcomes that they want.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what will happen and what you want to hear (as opposed to what you need to hear), then I am not the right match. Sessions with me often challenge your perspective, and they work best with people who would like to take more responsibility for their lives, thoughts and beliefs.

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Holiday Tarot Reading Special: An Offering To The Land That Sustains Me

Holiday Special Tara Nikita 3

Thus far, my online intuitive life and local intuitive life have been totally separate universes. I’ve opted to keep them distinct, with the expression of my intuitive talents in my local environment comparatively much more low key. My online space has felt far more safe. I’ve grown comfortable with being able to have an online home – my website – where I can play and do pretty much whatever I want. And this is important.

Holiday Special Tara Nikita 5

But the time has come for me to be far more active and present with the magic of the land around me. I live on a beautiful piece of land, bigger than an acre, nestled high in the hills of the island of Jamaica. I am enveloped by a gorgeous, half-manicured, half-wild, sprawling garden, with huge bamboo and guango trees, beautiful bromeliads, butterflies and birds. So many birds. And it is this beauty which sustains me, and nourishes and nurtures my intuitive gifts. There’s an energy of the land here that my ancestors knew. My father’s great aunt and uncle were energy healers, and they channeled the spirit of the land in their psychic healing practice. It is this energy of the land that has sustained my bloodline throughout the lines of time. It is my connection to the land upon which I live and walk every day that feeds my spirit. It is here that I understood how to be intuitive. It is this land that has given birth to me and has lovingly watched my intuitive unfolding.

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{Podcast} The Issue of Protection In Psychic-Intuitive Practice

A touchy topic.

Many of us in psychic-intuitive work have had to define our position on “protecting” ourselves in the course of our practice. Is protection necessary? How do we ensure that we are protected and safe from less beneficial energy?

More broadly, how does the “protection paradigm” in spiritual and psychic practice relate to consciousness shift on the planet?

Here I chat with you about my take on “the whole protection thing”, and how to shift our relationship to it by re-framing protection as augmenting and raising our own vibration and energy, rather than “blocking out” what would be perceived as “negative”.

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The Job Of A Spiritual-Intuitive Counselor

The Job of a Spiritual-Intuitive Counselor - Tara Nikita

If you work with modalities that are designed to facilitate healing and empowerment, give nourishment, and provide guidance to your client, based on spiritual, psychic-intuitive and psychological principles and activities, I’m speaking to you. I’m going to call you a spiritual-intuitive counselor. If giving readings is part of your counseling practice, read on. If you’re not a reader or spiritual-intuitive practitioner, but you normally consult one, or if you are thinking about reaching out to one, read on.

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