{Free Gift} Hey I’m Awake: A practical guide for navigating your spiritual awakening

I’ve wanted for some time now to create something specially for those in the middle of a spiritual awakening, and this free e-guide has been a joy to make.

Hey: I’m Awake, isn’t fundamentally about energetic frequency patterns, DNA upgrades and activation, or dimensions and densities. It isn’t fundamentally about the planetary grid, intelligence fields, photons, gamma-rays, solar flares, the galactic core, timelines, or the human relationship with our extra-dimensional family. Since the flowering of consciousness is felt at the level of the individual, since the awakening of perception is actually a very “quotidian” sort of thing, and since it all has to do with the actual lives we live every day, this guide is more about how to navigate your individual awakening process with dignity, grace, and impeccable clarity.

Discover in Hey, I’m Awake:

How to gracefully deal with people around you who may not be “on board” with your spiritual awakening.

How to work with your physical body to more effectively manage the energies and information you are integrating.

What relationship changes and disruptions mean, and how to navigate them with a little know-how and savvy.

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Going Beyond Normal

"Going Beyond Normal", from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel.

“Going Beyond Normal”, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel.

Let’s face it. Spiritual awakening can be extremely perplexing. (I have a term for it: “Neptunian confusion”). You don’t know what’s really happening to you. You think you know, but there’s always more going on. I’ve wanted to talk about the idea of “going beyond normal” for a long time – specifically how the lightworker becomes confused because he or she doesn’t really understand the implications of stepping into a new vibrational dispensation. The lightworker realizes conceptually that she’s a little different from a lot of other people, but coping with the corollaries of this difference is another kettle of fish…

The fundamental issue is this: the lightworker’s conscious mind doesn’t really comprehend the extent to which his or her energy has altered, so he or she keeps looking toward the familiar, and is perplexed when familiar ways of doing things no longer yield the same results, or fail to work in the way they used to.

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On “Raising Your Vibration” & Playing with Space

Raising Your Vibration

Last week I spoke a little (a lot) about the idea that “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) –  in an attempt to really break it down and deconstruct it. The purpose of that “deconstruction” was to suggest a way of healing the judgement that we often unwittingly pour into YCYOR. What I’d like to do today is to take a look at another related idea making its way around spiritual circles – the idea of “raising your vibration.”

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