On “Raising Your Vibration” & Playing with Space

Raising Your Vibration

Last week I spoke a little (a lot) about the idea that “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) –  in an attempt to really break it down and deconstruct it. The purpose of that “deconstruction” was to suggest a way of healing the judgement that we often unwittingly pour into YCYOR. What I’d like to do today is to take a look at another related idea making its way around spiritual circles – the idea of “raising your vibration.”

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Deconstructing “You Create Your Own Reality”

You Create Your Own Reality

The idea that “you create your own reality” is thrown around a lot in spiritual circles – thrown around not only by those who rather appreciate the principle, but equally by those who reject it categorically or by those who find the idea wanting in some respect. Those appreciating the idea are happy to acknowledge that the state of their consciousness imprints their experience, and that collective states of consciousness imprint collective experience. Those who categorically reject the idea see no necessary relationship between ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ – a la Cartesian thinking – and those who are able to see some merit to the principle are uncomfortable with its (perceived) corollaries: “Yes, states of mind influence outcomes, but surely economically disenfranchised people can’t be blamed for their circumstance,” they say.

Surely inequitable financial and societal systems play a huge role in their situation. These people can’t be blamed for creating a reality of poverty when clearly there is so much wrong with our world.” Others experience a different kind of discomfort with the notion, finding it cold, and even punitive: ‘You Create Your Own Reality’ (YCYOR) is going to punish them for having a “low vibration” on a stressful day and is going to hand them a bad time. “You should know better than to lower your vibration, you creating human, you.”

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Back to basics: getting clear about the intentions infusing your business


I’ve taken the last couple of weeks to really ruminate on what I want my work to reflect. Going back to basics, an inner reconnaissance. Or perhaps I should say that this inner reconnaissance has just taken off, and I’m just along for the ride – noticing my feelings, noticing my desires, noticing what makes me tick, watching the thoughts take shape about the way I can serve others in my work.

Forget business strategy now – this post isn’t about social media marketing tips, networking, branding and all that stuff. Instead, I’m inviting you on my own little getting back to basics tour – getting in touch with the fundamental intentions and approaches informing and infusing the work I do, and hoping that you too might get something from the self-indulgent process I’m about to begin here.

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*You* are the reader


Okay, so this is a really touchy Tarot topic.

We see it all the time – people on Tarot forums asking others to help them interpret a reading when they get ‘stuck’ on a card, or just plain ‘stuck’. Everyone pitches in, lending their really fantastic interpretive insights. I really do enjoy seeing how people interpret a card or reading; I think it’s great to share our own perspectives with each other because it really does help us to learn and grow. Tarot is a constant meditation. As Tarot practitioners we never stop learning. Learning from others is incredibly enriching.


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NYE Note



We’ve arrived at the end of 2014. We made it. Congratulations.

Congratulations for moving through the changes and challenges of 2014 with such grace and such fortitude.

I don’t know about you – but it feels as though I’ve weaved in and out of so many realities this year. So much has happened in such a short space of time. It feels as though my mind is the last portion of myself to integrate it all.

Time has felt very compressed. There’s an interesting dichotomy here. I remember at the beginning of the year listening to the P’s say that we are collectively entering a period of a slow down. A post-nanosecond slowdown where the exponentially accelerating energies of 1987-2012 will not be able to be maintained. My outward physical life slowed down this year, as I felt myself in an often frustrating period of suspension and hiatus. The interesting thing is that while my ‘outside’ physical, observable, readily cognizable life slowed down, my inner life was pedal to the metal.

As the winter solstice arrived, it occurred to me that this inner/outer dichotomy is exactly what the mysterious Hanged Man of the Tarot helps us to understand.

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A Few Reminders to Help You Cope with the Holiday Season


Holiday advice from the P’s via Wendy Kennedy:

This time of year many of you find yourselves cycling through emotions as you spend more time with family and friends as well as reviewing the year as it comes to a close. While the season may be hectic, it is vital that you take time for yourselves. Even several minutes of restorative breath and relaxation can make a huge difference.

We would remind you at this time to check in with yourselves and observe what you are doing out of joy and what you are doing out of obligation. If you are acting out of obligation then you either need to say no to that activity or reframe how you are perceiving it. It serves no one at the higher level when you act from such a space as the energy of obligation is infused in the activity no matter how positive the action may seem. Your awareness of your feelings and intentions as you take action is vital for the same action taken from a place of obligation will have a vastly different outcome to that same action taken from the space of joy.

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Two of Pentacles: Beta/Theta Integration


I have been meditating a lot on the Two of Pentacles as it has been showing up in my Tarot readings lately. I have also found that the themes of this card have been cropping up in situations around me, so I’ve been paying attention. As my mum and I chatted last Sunday, I felt compelled to fish this card out of my deck while she was mid-sentence. We ruminated on the meaning.

Avia Venefica’s assessment of the Two of Pentacles entirely resonates with the manner in which I personally come to this card:

The Two of Pentacles purposefully reveals an ethereal quality. We see this in the water waves that undulate in the background. Further, we see the prominent lemniscate wrapped around the Pentacles. The physicality of pentacles juxtaposed with the more intangibles of water and infinite is a clear message of combination and unification on an energetic level

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Back to core principles: understanding Saturn’s evolutionary role


My mum is a lecturer and academic, and we have wonderful, spirited discussions about pedagogical approaches. We typically share our “pedagogical grievances” over a cup of tea – she complains that her law students simply don’t ‘get it’ because of the faculty’s misguided approaches. I grumble about astrological teaching approaches which don’t get to the heart of the matter at hand, but which spiral into a whole host of secondary meanings without grounding the core astrological concept first. Ugh. We agree that as far as the law and astrology are concerned, it’s ‘principle first’! Cue Howard Sasportas: “The core meaning [of the house] must be grasped – that essential inner meaning from which spring all the endless associations and possibilities connected [to that house].”

Anyway. Saturn.

As I was reflecting on my natal chart this week, thinking about my 11th house Saturn, I began to tune in intuitively to the evolutionary meaning and purpose of the planet, the so-called “dweller on the threshold.” It was by turning to the core principles of the planet that I tuned into its role in our lives, especially at this time as we collectively ground increased light levels into material form (Saturn’s domain) in the ascension process.

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Many Happy (Solar) Returns & an email to a friend


Today is my birthday. I am incredibly moved by and thankful for the massive boulder-like transformations which have happened in the last year. I read a blog post recently which started out by saying “someone should make a t-shirt that says ‘I survived Saturn in Scorpio’ and sell it.” I laughed – far too knowingly. I thank this blogger because this post made me really feel the (cosmic) humour of the last year. In the moment as I read that I simply felt the energy of acceptance of What Is, What Was. (Complete list of astrological ‘heavies’ of the last year or so: transiting Saturn conjunct Sun, transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn, transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto, transiting Neptune square Midheaven, and Secondary Progressed New Moon.)

I declare to Spirit that I lay down all modalities that do not need to enter this new solar cycle. I lay them down at the door, joyfully taking only what is necessary. As I write this, I see the tarot card of the Fool, as he stands on the precipice of a cliff, arms outstretched, embracing the dawn of a new existence. In his knapsack are the essentials he absolutely needs, and nothing else.

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Let go of hiding

Image: Ebru Sidar

Image: Ebru Sidar

This is our time

Letting go of obsolete energetic modalities, specifically hiding/concealment. Many of us on the ascension timeline have to let go of this energy held in our Akash. This is not a lifetime for hiding or concealing abilities, talents and knowledge which we had, in other lifetimes/counterparts of the Self, to suppress. When it became obvious that humankind was sinking to a place where the light was in trouble, we went underground, preserving the secrets of the Mystery Schools. Those of us who were the Secret Keepers, the Keepers of Mysteries, the Caretakers of coded information which had to be carefully preserved and not released to a low consciousness humanity – this is our time.

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