Emotional States & Your Power : Approaching Food From An Energetic Perspective

Energetics of Food - Tara Nikita

Two weeks ago we looked at how the spiritual awakening process invariably asks us to heal and resolve the energetic of judgement, and we brought up food choices as a great example of an arena in which our judgement comes to the foreground to be addressed. Food is such an incredibly touchy topic that it deserves its own discussion. So this week I thought I would specifically address the energetics of food.

One of the first things to be understood when looking at food from an energetic perspective is that, in the scheme of things, the vibrational energetic underpinning one’s food consumption is more important than the specific kinds of foods one eats. (A premise which flies in the face of more conventional health paradigms. #Fun).

“I am eating this food because I am right about food, and other people are wrong” reflects an energetic of judgement.

“I am eating this food primarily because I am worried about other foods being detrimental to my health and well-being” reflects an underlying energetic of anxiety.

If judgement or anxiety (or any other negative emotion, such as self-loathing) are dominant underlying energies from which one consumes food, then these energies undercut the physical body’s ability to receive nutrient value from the food one eats. The physical body is first and foremost a bio-energetic system, which means that it is a physical translator and mirror of energy. Not only do these underlying energetic states limit the body’s ability to receive value from the food, but the body will often react to an individual’s underlying negative energetic states by displaying food allergies or intolerance.

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Spiritual Awakening & Overcoming the Judgement Trap

Spiritual Awakening and the Judgement Trap - Tara Nikita

“Free from Judgement”, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, published by Blue Angel

Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Earlier stages of spiritual awakening tend to coincide with what I call the “stance of opposition”, i.e., the desire to define oneself in opposition to prevailing norms and beliefs. At this stage, individuals undergoing a spiritual awakening tend to more actively eschew and reject beliefs or practices that are perceived as being opposite to their newly expanded vista of awareness.

Later stages of spiritual awakening can be somewhat different. The more one progresses into an expanded awareness, the less one is inclined to define oneself in opposition to prevailing norms, beliefs and practices. The spiritually awakened individual will no doubt make choices which are in truth radically different from these prevailing norms; however, what tends to happen is that these selections are made less from a place of judgement, and less from a place of needing to actively define the self in opposition to prevailing culture.

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8 Crazy Spiritual Practices for a more Magical & Empowered Life

Crazy Spiritual Practices - Tara Nikita

1. Use your imagination to do things you PHYSICALLY can’t 

Some time ago, I listened to Barbara Marciniak describe how she conjured up two dragons in her imagination to stand at the foot of her bed. No longer able to stand the disturbances and interference with her sleep, she decided to assign two dragons to stand guard and protect her while she slept. Once she did this, she found that she was able to sleep peacefully through the night.

On a more personal note, once, while feeling a little insecure about where I lived, I decided to leave the guardian spirit of the land “in charge”. I pictured this serpentine energy deep inside the land, keeping watch. In my mind’s eye I also visualized my ancestors, sitting down on tree stumps, lovingly keeping a look out. As soon as I imaginatively assigned them the task of guarding and protecting, I felt at ease.

You see, we have yet to really comprehend the power of the imagination. Conventional paradigms tell us imagination is imagination, and that what is physically seen in a third dimensional sense is “real.” But here’s the thing: to work with your imagination is to work in another dimensional reality which is just as “real” as what we physically perceive. Sheer physicality doesn’t mean something is “more real” than something else.

Imaginative exercises are really exercises in the use and movement of consciousness and energy. To use your imagination is to move energy. Exercises of your imagination actually do something. They have very real effects.

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Slow cooking your dreams

Slow Cooking Your Dreams - TaraNIkitaB

Does it have to happen tomorrow for you to feel good about it? Does your dream have to materialize right this minute for it to be a source of inspiration and joy for you in the present?

We’ve been sold on the idea that what we desire must happen immediately, and that the longer it takes to arrive, the more of a reason we have to feel bad.

This is the premise we have collectively hooked into: things taking long is a perfectly legitimate reason to feel bad about our lives.

You’re almost seen as a little mad and out of touch if you take pleasure in imaginatively designing your dream, if you take pleasure in thinking about it, feeling it, sensing it, fantasizing about it…without having a “reason”. The “reason” of course, being some physical, external hint that what you want has already arrived.

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{Free Gift} Hey I’m Awake: A practical guide for navigating your spiritual awakening

I’ve wanted for some time now to create something specially for those in the middle of a spiritual awakening, and this free e-guide has been a joy to make.

Hey: I’m Awake, isn’t fundamentally about energetic frequency patterns, DNA upgrades and activation, or dimensions and densities. It isn’t fundamentally about the planetary grid, intelligence fields, photons, gamma-rays, solar flares, the galactic core, timelines, or the human relationship with our extra-dimensional family. Since the flowering of consciousness is felt at the level of the individual, since the awakening of perception is actually a very “quotidian” sort of thing, and since it all has to do with the actual lives we live every day, this guide is more about how to navigate your individual awakening process with dignity, grace, and impeccable clarity.

Discover in Hey, I’m Awake:

How to gracefully deal with people around you who may not be “on board” with your spiritual awakening.

How to work with your physical body to more effectively manage the energies and information you are integrating.

What relationship changes and disruptions mean, and how to navigate them with a little know-how and savvy.

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Two of Pentacles: Beta/Theta Integration


I have been meditating a lot on the Two of Pentacles as it has been showing up in my Tarot readings lately. I have also found that the themes of this card have been cropping up in situations around me, so I’ve been paying attention. As my mum and I chatted last Sunday, I felt compelled to fish this card out of my deck while she was mid-sentence. We ruminated on the meaning.

Avia Venefica’s assessment of the Two of Pentacles entirely resonates with the manner in which I personally come to this card:

The Two of Pentacles purposefully reveals an ethereal quality. We see this in the water waves that undulate in the background. Further, we see the prominent lemniscate wrapped around the Pentacles. The physicality of pentacles juxtaposed with the more intangibles of water and infinite is a clear message of combination and unification on an energetic level

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Back to core principles: understanding Saturn’s evolutionary role


My mum is a lecturer and academic, and we have wonderful, spirited discussions about pedagogical approaches. We typically share our “pedagogical grievances” over a cup of tea – she complains that her law students simply don’t ‘get it’ because of the faculty’s misguided approaches. I grumble about astrological teaching approaches which don’t get to the heart of the matter at hand, but which spiral into a whole host of secondary meanings without grounding the core astrological concept first. Ugh. We agree that as far as the law and astrology are concerned, it’s ‘principle first’! Cue Howard Sasportas: “The core meaning [of the house] must be grasped – that essential inner meaning from which spring all the endless associations and possibilities connected [to that house].”

Anyway. Saturn.

As I was reflecting on my natal chart this week, thinking about my 11th house Saturn, I began to tune in intuitively to the evolutionary meaning and purpose of the planet, the so-called “dweller on the threshold.” It was by turning to the core principles of the planet that I tuned into its role in our lives, especially at this time as we collectively ground increased light levels into material form (Saturn’s domain) in the ascension process.

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