Decoding Aspects: Natal Mars Square Neptune (video)

In this tutorial video, I break down the process of systematically understanding aspects in the birth chart – using Mars square Neptune. (So if you have Mars square Neptune in your birth chart, woo hoo, this might help).

First we look at the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Pisces, since these signs are governed by Mars and Neptune respectively. Then we examine the ACTUAL relationship – the square. After we look at the archetypal relationship, what does the square add to the picture?

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Guidelines For Astrological Study & Intepretation (video)

Guidelines for astrological study and interpretation - Tara Nikita

As an astrological counselor, with astrology as a central part of my therapeutic work with clients, I have more than a few perspectives to share on how to approach natal astrology, and perspectives on the practice of astrology. In this astrology tutorial of sorts, I share my thoughts on:

– Understanding a natal chart. What is a natal chart? The natal chart is central to any astrologer’s practice, but what is it really?

– How astrology works: soul centered astrology/evolutionary astrology. What astrology has to do with the evolutionary development of the soul, and how transits and progressions in astrology show us our developmental tasks.

– How to read an astrology chart. Why, in my view, there is no such thing as a complete birth chart reading.

– How to be a good astrologer. Why this involves dialogue with a client, and how dialogue distinguishes therapeutic astrology and counseling astrology from other kinds of astrology.

– How to interpret transits in astrology, and not fall into the trap of making certain assumptions. Why it is crucial to proceed from someone’s inner, not outer, experience when interpreting a birth chart.

– A sensible and empowering approach to astrology predictions.

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