Mercury & Neptune Retrograde, Summer Solstice, Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction & More | The Astrology of JUNE 2020 Part 2

In this video, we discuss and unpack the astrology of the second half of June 2020 – from the 16th until the 30th of the month.

We examine the collective energetic, spiritual and psychological implications of the major transits and the significant configurations of energy, including Mercury and Neptune stationing retrograde, the summer solstice,  and the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn for the year. 

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Sun-Venus in Gemini, Venus Star Point, Lunar Eclipse & More | Astrology of June 2020 – Part 1

In the astrology of June part 1, we focus on unpacking the Sun-Venus conjunction taking place at  Venus’s Gemini star point on June 3, mining it for the higher meanings and guidance it can provide as we navigate the challenges of our current moment.

We also take a look at the upcoming lunar eclipse in Sagittarius – the very first  eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The full moon/lunar eclipse on June 5 is powerfully symbolic of the lessons, themes, and challenges we will face as the nodes remain in Gemini/Sagittarius until 2022.

We examine this months Mars/Neptune conjunction from various perspectives, and we discuss other important transits and configurations taking us up until the middle of the month.

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