Decoding Aspects: Natal Mars Square Neptune (video)

In this tutorial video, I break down the process of systematically understanding aspects in the birth chart – using Mars square Neptune. (So if you have Mars square Neptune in your birth chart, woo hoo, this might help).

First we look at the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Pisces, since these signs are governed by Mars and Neptune respectively. Then we examine the ACTUAL relationship – the square. After we look at the archetypal relationship, what does the square add to the picture?

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Astrology: Why You Should Pay Attention To The Quincunx Aspect (video)

Why You Should Pay Attention To The Quincunx - Tara Nikita

In this video I talk about the rather esoteric and obscure-sounding aspect in astrology called the “quincunx” or “inconjunct.” I explain why it isn’t a so-called “minor aspect”, and how the natural 150 degree relationship between Aries and Virgo helps us to decode its meaning and function in the psyche.

I share two real-life examples of the quincunx or inconjunct in action from my counseling work with clients. Some food for thought on why the quincunx is absolutely worth paying attention to, especially if the quincunx aspect is between two planets that represent critical psychological functions.

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