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Understanding & Unpacking THE ASPECTS

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Many students of astrology find aspects to be the most difficult to master. I find that with aspects in particular, there are often a few missing steps, and gaps that need filling in terms of students understanding how they work, and why aspects function they way they do.

In this audio class, we thoroughly unpack the aspects, empowering you with a framework designed to deepen and augment your astrological understanding. The goal here: giving you the tools to think astrologically. In this class, we are really drilling down.

We are not just describing aspects, we are explaining and unpacking them in order to refine your overall appreciation of astrology as a symbolic language with tremendous therapeutic power.

Class outline

-Introduction: aspects as states of energy flow, a series of dialogues between facets or dimensions of the psyche/personality which, in turn, produce a series of inner beliefs, and inner psychic dynamics within the individual. How approaches to aspects have evolved; the empowering two-toned nature of aspects which points to the nature of our soul tasks.

-Deepening your understanding of the conjunction, the opposition, the trine, the square, the sextile, the quincunx or inconjunct. The nature of their energy flow, what they mean for the psychic dynamics within the individual, why they each have their very specific tones.

-A word on approaching out of sign aspects.

-What does it mean when a certain kind of aspect is dominant in the chart?

-How to assess any aspect in the natal chart - a systematic process, rooted in strong astrological understanding and comprehension.

-Which aspects in the natal chart are most important? A system of extracting the aspects that are the most significant in your chart.

-How to approach aspect patterns - the stellium, the T-square, the grand cross, the grand trine, the yod.

Packed with loads of examples, and informed by my actual experience of astrological counseling - I share with you exactly how I approach aspects in my work with real people - and a few tips and tricks along the way.

Includes: 4 mp3 audio files, and a pdf handout.

Total duration: 2 hours.

NOTE: Purchasing this class confirms your understanding that the audio file is exclusive. Redistribution of any part of this class is strictly prohibited.

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