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The Essence of Uranus Transits

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In this PDF resource/essay, we take a look at the core or essence of Uranus transits - in energetic terms, and as a series of processes taking place within our psyches. We look at Uranus transits from the perspective of the inner psyche's activity.

When we understand the essential energetic mechanism of a Uranus transit, we are better equipped to flow with the the change occurring within us. We can apply our understanding of inner energetic structure of a Uranus transit to the spiritual and psychological tasks being demanded of us at these key periods of our lives.

Within this resource are questions for reflection/prompts to help you navigate the Uranian experience.

Includes: 1 pdf file, 6 pages.

NOTE: Purchasing this resource confirms your understanding that this document is exclusive. Redistribution of any part of this document is strictly prohibited.

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