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THE INNER PLANETS: Spiritual, Soul & Psychological Profile

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In this audio class, we discuss the evolutionary, spiritual, karmic and psychological themes/lessons of the inner or "personal" planets in your birth chart: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. We tend to focus on the evolutionary, karmic and spiritual themes of the outer planets, and less attention to the evolutionary and spiritual profile of the inner planets.

The aim of this class is to deepen your understanding of the inner planets - going from a personality or psychological understanding, to also include a spiritual one. When we understand the evolutionary purpose or intention of the inner planets, we are able to work with them more fully - and our birth charts become a rich life map of meaning.

Includes 2 mp3 audio files.

Total duration: 1 hour.

NOTE: Purchasing this class confirms your understanding that the audio file is exclusive. Redistribution of any part of this class is strictly prohibited.

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