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Solar Aspects: Sun-Planet Interpretation Guidelines

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In this 11-page document I have carefully distilled the core meanings and themes of each possible Sun-planet combination in the natal chart. Sun-planet exchanges in the chart are keys to our central needs for self-expression.

The useful thing about distilling CORE meanings is that this gives you a grounding framework and foundation to understand how certain expressions of the personality stem from even more fundamental personality needs.

This tool will guide you in examining and having an appreciation of the essential solar combinations in your natal chart. Not only are the central meanings for each solar combination outlined, but we also look at the target states and evolutionary imperatives of each one.

In other words, we examine not just "the meaning", but the point of equilibrium that each Sun-planet aspect is reaching for, and what any given Sun-planet exchange is asking us to do. Astrology guides us not only in the "what is", but points us toward the highest expression of what we can potentially become.

Interpretive guidelines are given for:










Includes 1 PDF file.

NOTE: Purchasing this tool confirms your understanding that this document is exclusive. Redistribution of any part of this document is strictly prohibited.

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