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ASTROLOGY IN ACTION: Fidel Castro Natal Chart Analysis

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See the astrology in action as we explore the natal chart of the former Cuban president, revolutionary and world-renowned political dissident, Fidel Castro.

In this class we examine the core signatures of Castro's astrological natal chart, and we discuss how the chart reveals the life script of this disruptive political figure.

Using a case-study approach informed by Castro's actual life history, the purpose of this exercise is to help you sharpen your astrological comprehension and synthesizing skills. The class is designed to help you polish your astrological lens as I guide you through the nuances and intricacies of an actual chart.


- PDF Reading packet including relevant Castro biography, as well as other articles/video links, for reference

-Document with the link to the screencast version of this class, if you prefer to watch the video with the chart on screen. You are free to download the MP4 from the link provided.

-PDF of Fidel Castro's chart

-3 audio/MP3 files

Duration: 1 hr 15 min.

NOTE: Purchasing this class confirms your understanding that the audio file is exclusive. Redistribution of any part of this class is strictly prohibited.

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