Spiritual Awakening Mentorship

Spiritual Awakening Mentorship Session - Tara Nikita

When I went through my own spiritual awakening, I pretty much did it on my own. There was no one around me to really help guide me through my transition. I didn’t have anyone who I could really speak to, and be really frank and open with about my new perceptions, and new awareness of things.

Spiritual awakening is a very individualized process, yes. It is unique to the individual experiencing it. But…that doesn’t mean it has to be a lonely and isolating process. Many people across the globe are waking up, accessing their soul memory, and coming into a heightened planetary awareness.

They are coming into an awareness of role they are playing here on the planet – and why they are here at this time. They are accessing new levels of perception that very often fly in the face of conventional ways of looking at the world.


You need support in understanding your spiritual awakening and what is happening to you.

You need support in dealing with family and friends, and changes to your relationships.

You need support in navigating career and vocational changes.

You need a safe space to talk about the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual-energetic changes that are accompanying your awakening.

You need support in becoming more comfortable with your expanded awareness and worldview.

My spiritual awakening mentorship support sessions are for you if you need practical support and grounded advice for navigating your spiritual awakening with dignity, with grace, and with impeccable clarity.

(For pre-session material, click here to see all the resources I’ve put together for you).


You’ll get up to 90 minutes of therapeutic support and guidance in a session – tailored to your specific situation. We may use/incorporate astrology / tarot / oracle – it depends on what I sense are the unique needs of the time we spend together. We’ll connect over Zoom.

Please note that these sessions do NOT involve examination of individual birth charts. I may refer to astrology and help you to situate your awakening with general astrological data, but if you would like me to take a look at your chart in any depth, please book the astrological counseling consultation available on this page.

Once you purchase a session, I will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and focus areas. I’ll send you a short form to fill out, and we will schedule your session. All online payments are in USD.


Single Spiritual Awakening Mentorship Session - Tara Nikita

This option is a single session of 90 minutes. 


Package of three spiritual awakening mentorship sessions - Tara Nikita

Three 1-hour sessions. (Use within 90 days of purchase).

sessions in jamaica 

The Tea House at Periwinkle - Tara Nikita

If you are resident in Jamaica, email tara [@] taranikita.com to schedule a session with me in the Tea House.


I wrote a go-to manual of sorts on navigating your spiritual awakening. I’d love for you to have it, and perhaps you might even read it even before our time together. Click to pick up my free e-guide: it’s called Hey, I’m Awake.

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I’m looking forward to working with you, and I am so honoured to be part of your journey.

Big love,