Scope of Work

my scope of work

My Primary Focus 

  • Global Consciousness Transformation & Planetary Shift
  • Soul-Centred/Intuitive Astrology & Tarot

What I Offer

The Topics I Cover

  • Spirit: feeling nurtured on the journey of trust and surrender
  • Spirit: connection to Source, Higher Self
  • Astrology: revealing the individual soul blueprint
  • Tarot as a tool for connecting with one’s Higher Mind
  • Intuitive Practice & Therapeutic Counseling
  • Lightwork & Spiritual Awakening
  • The Nature of Belief & Creating Reality – tools for creating an uplifted reality and vibrational state
  • Global Consciousness Transformation & Influences (galactic, stellar, solar, interdimensional, off-planet, extra-terrestrial)
  • Global Energy Architecture
  • Individual & Collective Healing
  • DNA Recalibration, Vibration & Frequency
  • Time: simultaneity, individual and collective timelines, parallel and probable realities, portions or aspects of the self along the lines of time
  • Astrological alignments as gateways; astrological alignments and planetary energetic trends
  • Energy Tools – using the imagination to condition one’s reality
  • Earth as the “living library”: history, genetics