My Story

Tara Nikita – Interdimensional Traveller. Interpreter of Energy. Intuitive Consultant and Tarot Reader. Lifelong Student of Astrology. Sovereign Creator.

Tara Nikita – Interpreter of Energy. Intuitive Counselor. Astrologer. Tarot Therapist. Guide.

We all have such beautiful, rich and diverse awakening stories. The stories of how we awakened to the Power of our Consciousness, to directly face and accept our inner mandate to be a holder of frequency, of more “light”, to directly participate with the elevation of human consciousness on the planet. I feel that our souls, our Higher Minds, speak to us gently and incrementally, in ‘waves’. I know now that it was my soul speaking to me when I took up my first astrology book at 11 – knowing but not necessarily remembering. If our soul speaks to us in ‘waves’ then it means that it’s almost as though our whole lives can be thought of as an ‘awakening process’, but we can retrospectively pinpoint those key times – times when the call of our Higher Mind is powerfully lucid and impossible to ignore.

If asked to describe the last ‘wave’ of soul communication in my life, I would characterize it as an initiation. A very profound one. Challenging to experience, let alone describe to others, this initiation was a ‘sabbatical’ of solitude so to speak, as I baked in my own energies and integrated higher and higher levels of information.

Let me explain.

My masters in the UK, for which I received a distinction (hooray for 3D schooling), was in Global Public Policy. I tailored my degree to focus on four main areas: human rights, humanitarian policy, the macropolitics of debt and global capital – specifically speculative capital, financial derivatives and risk. I explored these through the lens of postcolonial/critical theory – a theoretical lens which foregrounds the experience of the world’s disenfranchised, and seeks to come to terms with how their experience fits into a global architecture of power.

As you can well imagine, this sort of global study would have oriented me more toward thinking of us all here on the planet together. Our collective circumstance. I am very clear now that this shift in my thinking really laid the groundwork, and was preparatory in this sense, for the kind of ‘higher’ levels of information I would later integrate.

Integrating these new levels of information felt as though a force said: “oh, there’s Tara, it’s time to press the activate button of her memory, of her being, of her remembrance. It’s time to kick it into gear.” I would say this force is my Higher Self, an aspect of my own being, combined with the energetic support of my guides, my interdimensional family and friends that had been invested in my awakening, knocking on the door of my conscious mind.

I have painted this picture to introduce this: that my own journey has been about where global policy issues meet energy and consciousness. The ‘higher’ levels of information that I had been integrating and ‘downloading’ had to do with the planet’s intelligence/consciousness fields at this time in our collective evolution. I had been integrating and ‘downloading’ information about dimensional and frequency shifts which relate to humanity’s consciousness. Further, I began to understand how astrology fit into this broader picture of human consciousness and the planetary body throughout time.

The information I was receiving had to do with the shift in energetic frequency patterns held in dimensional space which, when absorbed into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates their DNA template and results in transformative consciousness changes on individual and collective levels – in other words, the “ascension” process. (That great definition comes from Lisa Renee). These individual and collective changes propel us toward greater alignment with our inner spiritual responsibility toward ourselves, and toward others.

I now blend both my ‘courses of study’. I integrate my understanding of various policy issues with the broader context of consciousness on the planet. I teach this information, as well as other material on consciousness. At the same time, I integrate my global consciousness work with astrological counseling and tarot consultations. In my therapeutic work with clients, I offer these tools in a way which focuses on the soul guidance that is available, and on claiming the power of one’s consciousness in daily living. 

After years of being ‘spirit taught’ in relation to my intuitive skills (classes were not how I primarily learned; the process could best be described as an ‘inner unfolding’, and being intuitively led to certain material), I now combine my intuitive skills with my more ‘intellectual’ ones. See the scope of my work here.