Counseling Packages

Particularly if we have worked together before (though not exclusively), ongoing counseling sessions are a great way to continue our work together to anchor the insights from your original consultation, and to provide you with needed support as life unfolds.

If you feel as though you would benefit from continued check-ins, especially to help keep you accountable as you incorporate and apply new tools for personal growth and transformation, this is where I come in.

Doing counseling sessions in packages has a cumulative effect, and emphasizes the process of change. Where you are at session 1 is different from where you are at session 4 or 5. I see you once a month, or every few weeks (as your schedule and mine permits).

If it is your first time, please take a look at my main services page, before considering a package here.

Counseling packages draw on and incorporate the following where I see fit, uniquely tailored to you:

1.  references to your astrological chart, if we have previously done an astrological counseling consultation.

As we dialogue, I use my knowledge of your chart to add perspective where relevant. Please note that this is different from the standard astrological consultation. If you want another in-depth dedicated astrological session which requires me to carefully prepare beforehand and to review your charts, this is not what we do in ongoing counseling sessions.

In counseling sessions, your chart is used as a reference only. If for example, we have been doing counseling sessions for some time, and you then decide that you would like a fulsome understanding of the transits and astrological cycles you are in, this would count as a separate astrological counseling consultation.

2. the use of intuitive counseling mediums – Tarot/Oracle.

3. the specific practical tools and “homework exercises” I offer in my Tools & Support Sessions.

4. the perspectives and tools offered in my Spiritual Awakening Mentorship Sessions.

5. Recommendations for books, other material.

6. My years of counseling experience with clients, and my spiritually-focused approach designed to help you repattern old beliefs, and put you in touch with your own inherent capability to create enriching outcomes in your life experience.

Ongoing sessions are a safe space for you to talk about whatever your concerns are, and to feel as though you have someone along “with you” as you make changes in your life.

We address a range of issues: relationships, spiritual growth and the spiritual awakening process, life path evolution, your vocation and soul service in the world, understanding the deeper energetic factors at play in your life experience, parenting, health, creative self-expression, among others.

Please choose the package that works for you. Ensure that you check out with the correct option.

Within 24 hours of your purchase, I send you an email with an intake form (which you will use to outline the focus areas of your sessions) as well as a link to my online calendar. When checking out with PayPal, please include your email address (where this is different from the email address associated with your Paypal account). All payments are in USD. For more information on logistics, please see the “How It Works” section on my main services page.