Ethics & Conduct For Astrologers | Relationship Astrology (video)

Ethics and conduct for astrologers - Tara Nikita

A huge part of astrological counseling or delivering astrological readings is understanding appropriate conduct and ethics.

In this video, I share a personal story highlighting the need for a sensitive, intelligent and appropriate understanding of ethics in astrology when conducting astrological counseling. Being a professional astrologer, especially in the therapeutic setting, involves not directly or indirectly telling a client what to do, nor encouraging the client to abdicate his or her sense of personal responsibility.

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Guidelines For Astrological Study & Intepretation (video)

Guidelines for astrological study and interpretation - Tara Nikita

As an astrological counselor, with astrology as a central part of my therapeutic work with clients, I have more than a few perspectives to share on how to approach natal astrology, and perspectives on the practice of astrology. In this astrology tutorial of sorts, I share my thoughts on:

– Understanding a natal chart. What is a natal chart? The natal chart is central to any astrologer’s practice, but what is it really?

– How astrology works: soul centered astrology/evolutionary astrology. What astrology has to do with the evolutionary development of the soul, and how transits and progressions in astrology show us our developmental tasks.

– How to read an astrology chart. Why, in my view, there is no such thing as a complete birth chart reading.

– How to be a good astrologer. Why this involves dialogue with a client, and how dialogue distinguishes therapeutic astrology and counseling astrology from other kinds of astrology.

– How to interpret transits in astrology, and not fall into the trap of making certain assumptions. Why it is crucial to proceed from someone’s inner, not outer, experience when interpreting a birth chart.

– A sensible and empowering approach to astrology predictions.

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Not Your Normal Tarot Reading

Here is a summary of the essential differences between more traditional [Tarot] readings, and therapeutic intuitive counseling – the latter being the type of counseling I practice (and advocate!). These guidelines are not limited to intuitive work with Tarot, but are generally applicable to all sorts of intuitive work, such as astrology.

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The High Priestess: A Framework For Intuitive Counseling & Client-Therapist Interaction

The lunar symbols on the High Priestess’s crown and at her feet reflect an ancient association with the moon and psychic receptivity. By psychic, I refer not only to abilities such as ESP and clairvoyance. Psychic means “of the soul.”
-Paul Quinn

The High Priestess is the quintessential archetype pointing us in the direction of the soul. Her knowledge comes not so much from her clairvoyant extra-sensory ability, as it comes from her deeper understanding of the fundamental laws of life – the type of knowledge held within our soul consciousness.

The High Priestess sits at the gateway to the soul – she is the presence within us that knows our reasons for coming into a human body, she is the presence within us that knows the specific things we have come to accomplish, she is the presence within us that is fully aware of our other lifetimes and dimensional connections. She has within her possession a draft of our Life Plan – the life plan carefully crafted by our souls – not our incarnating personalities.

The High Priestess as an archetype embodies the understanding that it is the soul that has the answers we seek. She embodies a curious paradox of the human experience: we each have the answers that we seek within us, but we also stand guard, preventing access to these answers. The conscious mind stands guard as it firmly situates our awareness in our present, physical, time-space reality. The conscious mind is the mechanism that keeps us occupied here, while our super-conscious mind and soul stand quiet behind the scenes, situated in other dimensional realities.

Truly therapeutic work carried out within the archetypal framework of the High Priestess is based on the following premises: i) the person seeking therapy has their own High Priestess within them, and therefore has the answers, ii) because the person seeking therapy has the answers within them, they are their own healers, iii) all therapeutic interventions therefore amount to self-healing whether or not a facilitator guides this process, iv) for therapy to be effective – the High Priestess must let us pass her veil, even just a little – we must reach for insights that lie beneath the surface, somewhere below the conscious mind. We must access deeper levels of perception that lie beyond our normal, waking consciousness or usual ways of thinking about an event, or situation. We must cross the bridge between conscious and unconscious.

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Intuitive Readings: Frequently Asked Questions

Intuitive Readings - Frequently Asked Questions -Tara Nikita

Tara, are you the right intuitive reader for me?

My readings are really focused on therapeutic insight (insight and information that has therapeutic value), meaningful guidance, helping the person I work with get some perspective on their situation, and helping my clients come away with more clarity and a sense of being empowered to effectively approach their lives.

In my books, information and insight are distinct from each other. You can leave a reading with information, but fail to come away with insight. Insight is designed to offer you deeper, and new perspectives of what is happening in your life. Therapeutic insight takes insight a little further: it takes insight from something that is just intellectual, and turns into an embodied experience. Meaning, the insight gained helps you to release and heal on an emotional/energetic level, and helps you feel better.

I work best with people who need to: i) understand their situations more deeply, ii) shift their perspective iii) start the process of emotional healing iv) integrate spiritual and life lessons v) reveal and connect with their own internal wisdom and vi) participate purposefully and consciously with their own power to create the outcomes that they want.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what will happen and what you want to hear (as opposed to what you need to hear), then I am not the right match. Sessions with me often challenge your perspective, and they work best with people who would like to take more responsibility for their lives, thoughts and beliefs.

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Is my reader “psychic enough”?

Is my reader psychic enough - Tara Nikita

Last week (it looks like my blog posts are increasingly inspired by the interactions I am having!) I met someone who asked how “specific” I was as a reader, and whether I would be able to identify whether someone had “cancer.” I proceeded to explain to him that identifying details such as “cancer” or “leukaemia” is not the focus of my readings – that my sessions are really spiritually focused therapeutic sessions, and I use the Tarot to intuitively tune into the (very specific!) messages and insights that are in my clients’ best interest to know and to understand.

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How To Be Intuitive

How To Be Intuitive - Tara Nikita

Stop trying so hard to be intuitive.

There, I said it. Intuitiveness is never a forced thing. I know these days there are lots of good courses and programmes designed to help people access their intuition, and be more intuitive. I’m not discounting their value. But I also know that intuitiveness is a lot like driving – no matter how much you read the manual, nothing teaches you how to drive but the process of driving itself. So, after a while, no matter how much you’ve learned about being intuitive, at some point you’ll just have to be intuitive. I think we often get a little too analytical about intuition. I’ve done readings for clients wanting to know what was getting in the way of their intuitive connection to their Higher Selves. The answer: what was getting in the way was all the “searching” for a connection that was, quite simply, already there, in front of their noses.  That’s how the analytical mind gets us into trouble.

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{Podcast} Email vs. Face to Face Readings

Email vs Face to Face - Tara Nikita

In this week’s podcast I talk a little about email readings versus real time face to face readings – not just from the perspective of someone getting a reading, but from the perspective of someone giving one. By the time you’re finished listening, you should have a good 360 degree understanding of each, and some compass points to help you decide which of them is for you.

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New: The Manifestation Mandala Reading

Manifestation Mandala Reading

I don’t know about you, but I am in the process of rediscovering – in a heightened way – a few very delicious things about myself. The first is that, at my core, I am a dynamic, alive, alert, and highly creative being. The second thing I am rediscovering is that I can work with the natural creativity of my spirit and inner self, to bring about more of the things I’d like to experience. The third thing I am rediscovering, to my absolute delight, is that I can choose how to direct my focus and energetic attention. It’s like learning that the control panel of my life was within me all along. I am therefore learning that I do not have to go “out there” and force things, but I can allow my subjective experience – my thoughts, and emotions – to work “for” me. I’m learning to allow the portions of myself to do the work that they are designed to do, and that all I need do is develop a relationship of trust with them, as I bring into form more of the things that make me feel good, and make me feel delighted to be alive, here and now, in this body, in this time.

I’ve designed this “Manifestation Mandala” reading for a partly selfish reason. I know that if I can assist other people in firing up their inner control panel, then I’m also helping myself to more deeply understand my own creative-manifestation process. By working with you in your own manifestation process, I am also strengthening and fortifying my own. I thank you for the opportunity to take part in a wonderful and edifying co-creative learning experience. I’m as excited about you aligning with your heart’s desires, as I am about my own alignment.

This reading is for you if:

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Holiday Tarot Reading Special: An Offering To The Land That Sustains Me

Holiday Special Tara Nikita 3

Thus far, my online intuitive life and local intuitive life have been totally separate universes. I’ve opted to keep them distinct, with the expression of my intuitive talents in my local environment comparatively much more low key. My online space has felt far more safe. I’ve grown comfortable with being able to have an online home – my website – where I can play and do pretty much whatever I want. And this is important.

Holiday Special Tara Nikita 5

But the time has come for me to be far more active and present with the magic of the land around me. I live on a beautiful piece of land, bigger than an acre, nestled high in the hills of the island of Jamaica. I am enveloped by a gorgeous, half-manicured, half-wild, sprawling garden, with huge bamboo and guango trees, beautiful bromeliads, butterflies and birds. So many birds. And it is this beauty which sustains me, and nourishes and nurtures my intuitive gifts. There’s an energy of the land here that my ancestors knew. My father’s great aunt and uncle were energy healers, and they channeled the spirit of the land in their psychic healing practice. It is this energy of the land that has sustained my bloodline throughout the lines of time. It is my connection to the land upon which I live and walk every day that feeds my spirit. It is here that I understood how to be intuitive. It is this land that has given birth to me and has lovingly watched my intuitive unfolding.

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