If we have worked together before, the Tools and Support sessions are designed specifically to provide practical support to help you integrate the messages, insights and guidance of your initial reading consultation. Readings are just the beginning. In a reading we bring insights and guidance to our conscious awareness, but the real work happens afterward. The real work happens when, over time, you re-train your mental and emotional patterns in accordance with the guidance you have been given. Readings are the road map, but not the journey.

The work of re-training your energetic patterns is challenging because it is not accomplished overnight, and it requires an investment of your time, and a commitment to yourself to do the work to transform. On the journey of transformation, it is easy to feel disheartened if change isn’t happening fast enough. Sometimes we need a little external support, or a boost. This is what these sessions are for.

Based on the details of our initial reading consultation, I tailor the session to your needs, providing you with exercises, tools, techniques, and homework…while supporting you as you undertake to do them.

Tools and Support sessions are framed by the following approaches:

1) helping you to more consciously understand your underlying belief systems and expectations so that you can work to adjust them. Sometimes we are unaware of the underlying belief systems and premises that we actually subscribe to. Underlying belief systems form the blueprint of our experience. Rather than tackling the “symptoms” of your underlying beliefs and expectations (the people, places and situations that aren’t working), in the tools and support sessions, we get closer to the source and work to adjust what is going on at the blueprint level, so that you may begin to witness more effective change.

Because my readings are not one-directional flows of intuitive information from me to you, but involve counseling and therapeutic approaches which emphasize deeply listening to what you have to say, this allows me to have a far keener sense of how to help you adjust your deeply held mental and emotional patterns. This becomes a basis of our practical work together.

2) helping you to understand more about the “mechanics of manifestation”…and why positive affirmations don’t always work to effect change in your life. Sessions are focused on empowering you with practical approaches that help you gauge and adjust your mental and emotional energy. When you are more aware of how to gauge and adjust your emotions and thoughts, you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life, and you become far more adept at bringing about the physical experiences that you want, and which truly benefit you. Even though consistency is required…we also cover why effecting physical change is easier than you think…and can be…enjoyable.

3) giving you a framework to appreciate how surrender and acceptance may be necessary, and why this is often a first step toward change.

Sessions are designed to leave you feeling more like you have a plan, or at the very least, a working framework for change. I’m looking forward to us getting to work.



Single Tools and Support Session - Tara Nikita

Available as a 90 minute Zoom session.  I will send you an intake form within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Email tara [@] to schedule a session with me in the Tea House. 

Looking forward to working with you again, and I am honored to be part of your journey of healing, transformation and change.