Understanding & Unpacking Your Descendant (video)

In this video, I discuss some interpretive guidelines for the descendant and how to approach it as we look at the birth chart. We examine the 3 “Ds” and we look at the many ways the descendant describes the kinds of people we attract in relationships or the energetic complement we are seeking.

We also discuss planets conjunct the ascendant/opposite the ascendant, and we take a special look at the Sun on the descendant.

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Understanding & Approaching The Ascendant (video)

Notwithstanding that the ascendant is something that we talk about about every day in astrology – it is something that still remains a little bit elusive. In this video I unpack the ascendant and outline some ways to approach it in interpretation, giving lots of examples.

We discuss the significance of aspects to the ascendant, and the central importance of how the ascendant stacks up with other core features of someone’s personality.

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Decoding Aspects: Natal Mars Square Neptune (video)

In this tutorial video, I break down the process of systematically understanding aspects in the birth chart – using Mars square Neptune. (So if you have Mars square Neptune in your birth chart, woo hoo, this might help).

First we look at the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Pisces, since these signs are governed by Mars and Neptune respectively. Then we examine the ACTUAL relationship – the square. After we look at the archetypal relationship, what does the square add to the picture?

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The Astrology of August 2018 – part 1 (video)

In this video I look at the astrology of August – from the 1st to the 15th of the month. We discuss the major transits: the Mars/Uranus square, Uranus going retrograde until January 2019, the Sun and Mercury squaring up with Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus changing signs and aspecting Mars, Saturn and Chiron, the new moon solar eclipse happening on August 11, and retrograde Mars dipping back into Capricorn. As usual, we look at the personal psychological significance of these transits, as well as their collective implications.

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Solar & Lunar Eclipses of Summer 2018 (video)

Unpacking the solar and lunar eclipses of the summer of 2018: the solar eclipse new moon in Cancer happening on July 12, the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius happening on July 27, and the solar eclipse new moon happening on August 11. We also examine the relationship between the first solar eclipse and Donald Trump’s birth chart.

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