Total Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon in Scorpio May 15-16, 2022 | “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

In this videocast we discuss and unpack the total lunar eclipse full moon in Scorpio happening on May 15/16 2022 – the second eclipse in the eclipse pair which began on April 30 with the solar eclipse new moon in Taurus. The lunar eclipse is at 25 degrees Scorpio, and the full moon dances with Pluto, Mars and Neptune.

Giving our reflections the theme “Blood, Sweat & Tears” we meditate on its collective and individual energetic and spiritual dimensions, looking to the eclipse for deeper medicinal/therapeutic guidance and understanding of our current moment and the cycles of consciousness we are in.

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus & Jupiter Enters ARIES | Energetic, Spiritual Dimensions, Lessons & Themes

We dedicate this video/podcast to reflecting on Mercury’s retrograde period in May-June 2022, and Jupiter entering Aries. Mercury stations retrograde at 4 degrees Gemini on May 10, eventually retrograding into the final degrees of Taurus, and Jupiter enters Aries also on May 10, where it remains until the end of October 2022.

We meditate on the collective and individual energetic and spiritual dimensions of these transits, looking into deeper layers of the astrological symbolism for guidance and perspective on navigating and meeting our lives.

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Full Moon in Libra – April 16 2022 | Healing Energetic Imbalances & Self-Other Polarity Integration

In this video, we take a look at the full moon in April happening on April 16, 2022. The Libra Moon at 26 degrees lies opposite the Aries Sun, and both square up with Pluto in Capricorn. We discuss the strong Pisces subtone at this Moon, in the wake of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the sign.

We discuss some of the deeper logic of the Aries-Libra axis, and we look at the Libra full moon for a guiding framework for healing and resolving the energetic imbalances within ourselves, which show up in our relationships. We discuss the deeper energetic purpose of relationships as agents for integrating polarities within the structure of our human consciousness. 

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Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces – March/April 2022 | FULL PODCAST: An Opening Into Higher Dimensions & The Natural Human Spiritual Anatomy

In this video/podcast, we reflect on the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces which began to take shape in March 2022, and perfects on April 12, 2022 at 23 degrees and 59 minutes of the sign. A major event on the astrological calendar of 2022, we meditate on the collective and individual energetic and spiritual dimensions of this conjunction, looking into deeper layers of the astrological symbolism for guidance on navigating our current moment and our understanding of ourselves.

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New Moon in Aries March 31 / April 1 2022 | Healing The Painbody & Our Perceptions of Who We Are

In this video, we discuss and unpack the Aries new moon happening on March 31/April 2022 – distlling its deeper medicinal guidance. At this new moon, the Sun and Moon in Aries are sandwiched between Mercury and Chiron in the sign, and I’ve called my reflections on this lunation “Healing the Painbody & Our Perceptions of Who We Are.”

 We examine Chiron in Aries as a framework for understanding and healing the painpoints in our notions of ourselves, or our identities. We look to Mercury’s imprint here as pointing the way forward for necessary new beginnings in our perceptual awareness as part of the process of healing the painbody.

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Full Moon in Leo – February 16 2022 | A Collective Crisis of Confidence…And Overcoming It

February 16, 2022 is the glorious Leo full moon. The moon lies at 27 degrees of the sign across from the Aquarius sun.

I’ve called my reflections on this full moon “A Crisis of Confidence…And Overcoming It.”

We take the opportunity that the full moon presents to examine and reflect on the Leo parts of our psyches: the parts of us needing validation, approval and admiration; and the impulse within us to radiate our personality essence and to be seen for who we authentically are.

In this video we discuss:

-the deeper nuances of the Leo/Aquarius polarity as the full moon falls across the Leo/Aquarius axis and how this gives us a framework for living our unique purpose

-the parts of the psyche under Leo’s governance

-the basis of what validates us and gives us self-confidence on personal and collective levels

the way the Leo parts of our nature have become warped or distorted

-the collective crisis of confidence on our world and Leo’s guiding framework to move beyond it, as we learn to celebrate who we are, enjoy our humanity, assume our own individual dignity and tap into our unique creative abilities.

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Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio 2022 to 2023 – Themes & Lessons For Spiritual Direction {FULL SEMINAR}

We dedicate this video to more fulsomely discussing and unpacking the nodes progressing into Taurus/Scorpio in the 2022 to 2023 period – the lunar north node in Taurus, and the lunar south node in Scorpio. We meditate on the collective and individual energetic and spiritual dimensions of this nodal phase, and we look to the nodes for spiritual direction and collective guidance in navigating the next 18 months.

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Venus in Cancer, SOLAR ECLIPSE in Gemini, Mars-Pluto, Saturn-Uranus | Astrology of June 2021 – Part 1

In our extended seminar on the astrology of June, part 1, we take a look at Venus’s ingress into Cancer, the unfolding story of Venus, the Mars-Pluto opposition that is the bridge between the lunar eclipse in May and the upcoming solar eclipse in June.

We unpack the solar eclipse in Gemini happening on June 10, getting to the heart of its fundamental evolutionary meanings and imperatives on personal and collective levels. We also take a look at the second exact Saturn-Uranus square – a central dynamic of the astrology of 2021.

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