What I’m All About

About me - Tara NikitaI’m Tara. (Nikita because of my mum’s obsession with Elton John’s music – an obsession which I inherited).

I care about helping people rediscover the power of their own minds to create enriching lives, and to meet the challenges that arise. As an intuitive counsellor, I’m here to help people to heal by translating some of the messages from their own Inner Guidance Systems.

My consultations are soulful, therapeutic counselling sessions designed to dive deep into the part of you that has the answers, knows why you’re here, and what you’ve come to accomplish. My sessions are designed to connect you to your own internal soul wisdom, as well as enhance your understanding of what is happening in your life at more subtle energetic levels.

Astrology and tarot are the tools of my craft. Approached with integrity and care, astrology and tarot allow us to step into new levels of awareness and perception that often lie beneath the surface – thus exposing us to the deeper perspectives and healing wisdom our souls have to offer about particular situations and events in our lives.

As a receiver of intuitive information, I give in-depth, spiritually focused  consultations, which emphasize guidance, healing, and soul perspective.

Work with me to:

~come away with a strong understanding of the energetic basis of your situation

~understand situations and events from a higher perspective

~initiate emotional healing 

~integrate lessons 

~connect with your own inner guidance and internal wisdom

~have your questions unpacked for in-depth insight and actionable, practical guidance

~participate purposefully and consciously with your own power.

Your time with me will not be about convenient answers, entertainment, nor will it be about receiving predictions which undermine your power and prevent you from claiming your role in creating your experience.

Please come prepared to open your heart and your mind to messages and insights which can help lead you further down the path of your soul’s intended purpose, and open up new vistas of awareness and understanding.

I love working with my clients, and I love walking alongside them to uncover the wisdom that resides within them. I see myself more as helping to facilitate this transformative process.

To work with me, start here. I offer a variety of in-person, Zoom/Skype, document and mp3 intuitive reading, counseling and teaching consultations designed to leave you feeling more capable of meeting your life with impeccable clarity and grace.

To see some of my client feedback and what a session with me involves – in the words of other people – go here.

I also offer mentorship sessions which are designed to provide practical support and grounded advice for those navigating a spiritual awakening. To find out if this is for you, click here.

For any queries, email me at tara [@] taranikita.com

At your service,