Pluto Retrograde & Solar Eclipse in TAURUS April 29/30 2022 – Energetic, Spiritual/Soul Dimensions & Themes

In this podcast/video we discuss and unpack Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn on April 29, as well as the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus happening on April 30, 2022. We meditate on their collective and individual energetic and spiritual dimensions, extracting from the astrology deeper spiritual guidance for our moment.


recap of Pluto in Capricorn – collective energetic/spiritual & soul themes

the Capricorn parts of the psyche – on individual and collective levels

overview of Pluto’s retrograde period in 2022

evolutionary imperatives of Pluto transits

relationship between Pluto’s retrograde period in 2022 and the USA Pluto return

features of the USA’s natal chart in relation to its Pluto Return & Pluto retrograde (Mercury-Pluto opposition)

-solar eclipse in Taurus  – impacting and putting into sharp perspective the Taurus parts of our individual and collective psyche – core issues: attitudes and inner relationship to material security

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