New Moon in Aries March 31 / April 1 2022 | Healing The Painbody & Our Perceptions of Who We Are

In this video, we discuss and unpack the Aries new moon happening on March 31/April 2022 – distlling its deeper medicinal guidance. At this new moon, the Sun and Moon in Aries are sandwiched between Mercury and Chiron in the sign, and I’ve called my reflections on this lunation “Healing the Painbody & Our Perceptions of Who We Are.”

 We examine Chiron in Aries as a framework for understanding and healing the painpoints in our notions of ourselves, or our identities. We look to Mercury’s imprint here as pointing the way forward for necessary new beginnings in our perceptual awareness as part of the process of healing the painbody.

You can watch the full video here:

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