Full Moon in Leo – February 16 2022 | A Collective Crisis of Confidence…And Overcoming It

February 16, 2022 is the glorious Leo full moon. The moon lies at 27 degrees of the sign across from the Aquarius sun.

I’ve called my reflections on this full moon “A Crisis of Confidence…And Overcoming It.”

We take the opportunity that the full moon presents to examine and reflect on the Leo parts of our psyches: the parts of us needing validation, approval and admiration; and the impulse within us to radiate our personality essence and to be seen for who we authentically are.

In this video we discuss:

-the deeper nuances of the Leo/Aquarius polarity as the full moon falls across the Leo/Aquarius axis and how this gives us a framework for living our unique purpose

-the parts of the psyche under Leo’s governance

-the basis of what validates us and gives us self-confidence on personal and collective levels

the way the Leo parts of our nature have become warped or distorted

-the collective crisis of confidence on our world and Leo’s guiding framework to move beyond it, as we learn to celebrate who we are, enjoy our humanity, assume our own individual dignity and tap into our unique creative abilities.

You can watch the full video here:

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