Decoding Aspects: Natal Mars Square Neptune (video)

In this tutorial video, I break down the process of systematically understanding aspects in the birth chart – using Mars square Neptune. (So if you have Mars square Neptune in your birth chart, woo hoo, this might help).

First we look at the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Pisces, since these signs are governed by Mars and Neptune respectively. Then we examine the ACTUAL relationship – the square. After we look at the archetypal relationship, what does the square add to the picture?

We then note that planets in aspect HAVE to work with each other, and the evolutionary imperative of planets in a square aspect is to become STRONGER through working with each other.

Aspects represent i) beliefs within a person’s psychic structure, ii) patterns of personal experience, and iii) the pathway to the RESOLUTION of the limiting or negative beliefs represented by the aspect itself. 

In this video I look at the beliefs and personal experiences that a person with Mars square Neptune may have. We also look at what the Mars square Neptune aspect suggests about how to heal any negative beliefs inherent in the aspect.

You can watch the full video here:

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