Understanding Jupiter Transits (video)

Understanding Jupiter Transits - Tara Nikita

In this video I discuss the meaning of Jupiter transits in natal astrology. Whenever Jupiter changes signs, astrologers tend to foresee good news for those with major placements in the sign that Jupiter has entered. The premise is that Jupiter in the signs brings the fulfillment of expansive, abundant, and lucky potentials.

Though Jupiter transits promise expansion, these transits often demand that we let go or give up something, that we leave our old limits behind, and this can be something that takes a while for the conscious mind to adjust to. Jupiterian expansion takes us in the direction our soul wants us to go in, and they demand that we leave behind our old sense of possibilities and potentials – which we may have become very attached to.

The stance of letting go or giving up something is a very Piscean stance, and helps us to understand the more traditional connection between Jupiter and Pisces.

The significance or meaning of Jupiter transits is often very much tied up to our experience of letting go of narrowly conceived possibilities in order to reach into new expansion. 

I share how my own experience of a significant Jupiter transit, and how my understanding of the planet Jupiter facilitated my healing from a very difficult break up experience.

Finally, we take a look at how Jupiter transits often require that we act like the Hanged Man of the Tarot.

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