Approaching the New Moon in Pisces on March 17, 2018

New moon in Pisces - March 17 2018 - Tara Nikita

Approaching the new moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 17. The Sun and Moon join Chiron in Pisces. Sun-Moon squares Mars and trines Jupiter.

For the last few weeks we have been under the influence of a strong Pisces signature. The Virgo moon at the beginning of the month had a strong Pisces subtone, with its ruler, Mercury, in Pisces. The Sun and Neptune, both in Pisces, opposed the full Moon.

We spoke back then of that Virgo full moon, representing the collective mood, being motivated to fix and solve problems out of deep feelings of dissatisfaction, hurt, sadness, loss and wounding. We spoke about this in relation to the latest school shootings/resurgence of gun-control discourse in the United States.

This new moon in Pisces invites us into a fresh new understanding. Joining up with Chiron and trining Jupiter in Scorpio, the new moon asks us to reflect on Chiron’s message: wounds, hurt, sadness and loss (Pisces-Scorpio) are the KEYS TO HIGHER SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS (Pisces).

Chiron is the KEY, allowing us to use our wounds to open the gate into higher realms of understanding. Appropriately, Chiron sits beyond Saturn, at the gateway to the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – which represent higher levels of perceptual awareness.

With my own losses recently, I am reminded of Chiron’s message. As I face my own grief, I accept the reminder that my wound is a key.

The square to Mars reminds us that it takes COURAGE (Mars) to face wounds and hurts. It takes courage and fortitude to allow our wounds to transport us into higher spiritual consciousness. It takes courage to look at the underbelly of our hurt (Scorpio). With the Sun/Moon/Chiron in Pisces making a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, we are invited to have the courage to look at our global, collective wounds.

The trine to Jupiter is a key part of this picture: WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING. Chiron allows us to use our wound to open the door into higher spiritual consciousness; Jupiter in Scorpio gives us the gift of deeper spiritual understanding. Wounds may be just that – wounds – full of untapped spiritual potential. Jupiter asks us to turn wounds into deeper spiritual wisdom and understanding as we reap Chiron’s gifts.

I invite you to use this Pisces new moon as a moment of spiritual pause. If you’d like an astrological overview of the month of March, and an understanding of how this moon fits into the broader monthly narrative, I also invite you to have a look at the video THE ASTROLOGY OF MARCH 2018. 

Wishing you a peaceful new moon,


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