Approaching the Full Moon in Virgo on March 1, 2018

Full Moon - Tara Nikita

Approaching the full moon in Virgo on Thursday, March 1 – Mercury joins Venus in Pisces and trines Jupiter in Scorpio. The Sun joins Neptune in Pisces.

With the full moon in Virgo, the collective mood is more attuned to what needs fixing. The collective mood is plugged in to the very Virgoan need to identify a problem, and apply mental energy to fixing it.

This full moon is opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces; we also have Mercury, governing this Virgo moon, sitting in Pisces. The Pisces – Virgo tension: Virgo wants to get down to the immediate business of improving things on the physical plane. Pisces, however, is not so attuned to fixing physical, mundane reality in the same way.

With Mercury, the ruler of this moon in Pisces, we might be challenged to really see or perceive clearly the Virgoan problem we are trying to fix. Instead, we may be plagued by watery, vague, but very deep feelings of dissatisfaction – a deep intuitive sense that i) there is a problem and ii) that something has to be done to fix it. This, within the backdrop of Sun-Neptune: a hazy light of intuitive recognition. The Sun shining through the mist.

It made me think of the resurgence of gun-control discourse in the USA, after the latest Florida shooting. There is definitely a Virgoan problem to fix; we know this on a deep level, but the way forward isn’t so clear (Sun-Neptune).

With Mercury in Pisces, we can be sure we aren’t seeing or identifying or speaking about the problem as clearly as we might need to. With that Pisces Mercury trining Jupiter in Scorpio, we see through the lens of a profound sense of loss, wounding and pain.  As Mercury conjoins Venus, both in a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, we are more perceptually sensitive to the pain, hurt, and wounding of others. We want to communicate and speak (Mercury) on their behalf (Venus).

We want to express solidarity with others who have lost, who are wounded, and who are in pain as we attempt to fix the problem. I’m sure many of you continue to be moved by the student show of solidarity post-shooting, and how they have spoken out from their hearts. This is the double edged sword of humanity’s condition: our heart is in the right place, we show solidarity with those in pain, but often, our clouded perceptions preclude clear, holistic understanding of an issue.

Perhaps this is the message of this earth moon in the midst of so much water: that our problem-solving Virgoan instinct, insofar as we try to solve the problems that affect us all on the planet, must be tied to deeper feelings of compassion and emotional awareness (Sun-Neptune-Mercury-Venus in Pisces), not solely intellectual analysis or legal technicalities. Earth/air must be married to water.

Perhaps we decide, on the level of our deeper FEELINGS and higher SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND PERCEPTION (Pisces – Neptune – Scorpio) that we don’t want certain things in our world. Perhaps we use the logic of our spirit to come to these conclusions, and perhaps our problem – solving consciousness emerges out of that.



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