Energy Reading for the Planet – The Jupiter in Scorpio Evolutionary Cycle (video)

Energy Reading For The Planet - Tara Nikita

A reading focused on the higher evolutionary imperatives of the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle (October 2017 to November 2018). We examine the role that the transit of Jupiter through Scorpio is playing in the process of planetary consciousness shift and global spiritual awakening. 


THE HERMIT – themes of looking inward for truth, perceiving the deeper truth (Jupiter in Scorpio). The imperative to go inward to assess the truth of a situation. The transit of Jupiter through Scorpio is supporting the collective to go through this process of inner truth seeking, especially as it relates to big picture, planetary themes (Jupiter).

The period presents us with external situations which will demand that we develop an inner reference for truth. The revelation of truth that has been happening with Jupiter in Scorpio (for example, the revelation of the obfuscated, buried, truth of sexual misconduct) is stirring up what has been hidden, and mirrors a deeper energetic process which is inviting us to seek the buried truth on the inside.

JUSTICE – themes of truth and perceptual clarity. There is a sort of reckoning happening now with Jupiter in Scorpio, which has to do with reaping energetic consequences across multiple timelines. Themes of accountability – the truth percolates and permeates throughout all timelines. People, especially in the public, global sphere (Jupiter) are, on a soul level, agreeing to publicly face up to the truth of their hidden actions (Jupiter in Scorpio). This soul agreement is serving the collective planetary consciousness shift process at this juncture.

THE LOVERS – suggests the advice that we collectively need to embrace: to integrate the truth of what has been revealed in the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. Rather than project hateful feelings on those whose devious conduct (Scorpio) has been revealed, the advice is to recognize that these souls are serving the collective as a means by which we integrate our collective shadow. The events surrounding the lives of these public figures (Jupiter) represent an exteriorized version of a deeper process happening within the collective.

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