The Astrological Sun & The Physical Body Vehicle

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I have stopped trying to put a label on how I receive information, but I am told to describe it as intuitive communication via direct telepathic transmission. Here are a few notes on the astrological Sun, and how the Sun indicates the manner in which the life force emanates from the human physical body, according to its sign position. I am putting the information here exactly how it was received, without too much editing. You may wish to read for your sun sign, but I would recommend reading the whole thing, as it just makes more sense when considered altogether, and more is explained at the end.

The Sun in a particular house: the person is vitalized by expressing himself in that domain of life. He needs to express his innate creativity here. The house of the Sun is where we find unencumbered creative self-expression; it is where the individual truly feels alive, and it is where we find the natural expression and direction of the vital energies; where they are most easily channeled and directed. The house of the Sun is a dimension of life we are very aware of. The solar light illuminates the house. The Sun (along with the Ascendant to a lesser degree) describes the energetic tone of the life force energy within.

Sun in TAURUS 

With the Sun in Taurus, the life force within the body is actually grounded. Imagine a triangle of energy with its focal point at the abdomen, extending down into the earth, stabilizing the energy – that is Taurus. Individuals with the Sun in Taurus are attuned to the stabilizing frequencies of the physical earth realm.


The life force within the body is less stable in your terms. With the Sun in Aries, the raw, primal energy of creation – that is what encases the physical body. This represents a state of agitation – like a pot of water approaching boiling point: the molecules within the water are energized.


Again, less stable in your terms. The life force within which the body is held, yes, like a butterfly. It flits from here to there. So it is as if the vital energy in the body itself fluctuates, and fluctuates according to the force of the individual’s mental perceptions. Imagine a (line) graph with spikes; the spikes indicate the fluctuations of life force within the physical body for Gemini Sun.


The vital energy energy in the body is more fluid. It “fluctuates”, but in a different way – like tides – perhaps think of the receding and approaching waves of the sea. The way the vital energy of the body is encoded influences the quality of one’s perceptions, but this is not the whole story.


There is a stability here, barring other factors. Leo is fixed fire and the sign of Leo is naturally associated with this idea of vital energies themselves. So the vital energy radiates from the physical body in a more uniform fashion.


Picture a pile of coins or some such, except they are made of minerals. The life force is compartmentalized into these coins. So it’s not sort of like a big mass. The energy or life force distributes into “packets”. But these compartmentalized packets work in unison, they make a unified energy field. It is just more broken down. In this context we understand better the natural penchant (of Virgo-encoded individuals) for breaking things down into detail. The perceptual filters are informed by the life force.


Geometry. Geometrical form. The life force energy creates a counterpart on both hemispheres of the body. Libras are always seeking balance. So there is an energetic counterpart created, like a set of “opposites” which work together as a pair – this is how the energy is distributed, like matter and anti-matter. It is this geometric configuration of the life force within the body (so you see it is a very REAL thing) that creates, or adds to, Libra’s soliciting of psychological balance. Inner relating between the counterparts or “hemispheres” of the energy in the body also has a PSYCHOLOGICAL dimension.


Yes, the life force energy within the body, the basic current, is almost not like a “current” at all, but a still lake – but the lake holds within it a lot of energy. So it is as though a lot of energy is held within a container. If you put all the water in your house into a pool outside, the pool is highly energized. It is in a state of still, yet intense “energization”; even though the life force, is not active in your terms. So Scorpio Sun and to some degree, Scorpio Ascendant need to MOVE the body so that a) the life force is not contained to point where the intensity overwhelms the body, and b) so that the life force energy does not atrophy or become stagnant.


Vigorous galloping at a steady pace (think of the traditional connection the horse). Vital, buoyant. The vital energy within which the body is encased is actually BUOYANT, which also produces its psychological counterpart. Sagittarius is in a “good mood” because the vital energy in the body, the movement of the life-force energy within the body is more or less in harmony with the energetic rhythms of the sun. (Note from me: there was something said about the acceleration inherent in SOLAR FLARES, that relates to the concept of the buoyancy of the Sagittarian vibration. But I don’t think I have the technical understanding to put this all together).


The vital energies, the life force, is more contained within the structure or the form. So if you think of your bone marrow, stored within the bones, the life force or vital energy is stored in this sort of way. Structurally compartmentalized and contained. This is also what contributes to Capricorn’s natural understanding of organisation, form, and structure, because the very life force energies are similarly organised. So Capricorn wants to impose his very real sense of internal structure on to the world, which makes the Capricorn energy excellent for encasing life force and matter into a number of forms, of organised forms.


The metaphors are apt. With the Sun in Aquarius, the life force is akin to stable electrical impulses. The impulses themselves are changeable or liable to change, but these impulses still hold within them a stability. In comparison to Capricorn, the life force is not as “dense”; we are dealing, clearly, with a different element. With Sun in Aquarius, the “electrical impulse” will flash out, but it is able to hold, maintain and sustain its position – this is the nature of Aquarius in energetic terms. So Sun in Aquarius is similarly wired – liable to changes in the direction of the electrical impulse, but the stability of the impulse is not in question.


The rolling sea, where waves meld into one another, over and over. This configuration of the energy within the body can make Pisces feel overwhelmed. The currents of energy meld into each other. This is difficult to explain or verbalize, so we may find Sun in Pisces (and those to a lesser extent attuned to the Pisces vibration), we find them quiet, and needing peace.


What we are trying to convey is that the inner configurations of the life force within the body produce, to varying degrees, certain psychological conditions. This is how the deeper energetic circuitry of the body is linked to the perceiving brain, the sense filters. We speak of the basic condition of the life force in the body as indicated by the sign position of the sun. We speak of the basic condition of the life force of the human soul born into physical reality on an appointed day.