Astrology Forecast for 2018 – The Big Picture (video)

Astrology Forecast for 2018 - Tara Nikita

In this video I look at the major astrological transits of the outer planets in order to understand the energetic climate of the year. Beginning with an account of Jupiter’s movement into Scorpio in October 2017, we look at how this arc of energy continues into 2018. Scorpionic themes along the spectrum are energized and amplified in global awareness.

In this astrology forecast for 2018, we examine the major shift of energy as Saturn moved into Capricorn in December 2017, and how this conditions the global energetic climate. Saturn in Capricorn strongly emphasizes themes of personal responsibility, accountability and realism. In one sense, Saturn in Capricorn can provide the antidote to the less savoury tendencies of Neptune in Pisces – the tendency especially to avoid hard truths and escape reality. Neptune in Pisces will continue to be foggy waters in terms of media imagery, deception, falsity and escapism.

We also examine how Jupiter in Scorpio can also provide an antidote to the Neptune in Pisces tendency to be absorbed by glamorous, “smoke and mirrors” events. Jupiter in Scorpio until November 2018 allows enables us to have a deeper look and a deeper holisitic understanding of what is happening on the planet.

Saturn in Capricorn means that Saturn is now in the same sign as Pluto. With Saturn in the mix along with Pluto in Capricorn, establishment top-down power – big pharma, big corporations, government – receives an energetic boost, even as they face hard lessons too. We will see the entire spectrum in 2018.

As Uranus winds down its transit through Aries in 2018, the narrative continues with Uranus in Taurus. The obvious symbolism of Uranus in Taurus is upheaval and disruption to global financial systems. However, as Uranus dips into Taurus in 2018 we also see alternative financial arrangements being used to support individual freedom and liberty. We see phenomena such as people extricating themselves from debt through original ways of organizing their finances and lives; we see alternative ways of relating to resources.

We also see the rise of alternative land and farming practices that push back against establishment power. With Saturn trine Uranus in 2018, we also see that the development of alternative land practices (Uranus) is also supported by more traditional methods (Saturn).

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