Astrology in Anecdotes: A Case of an Awakening

Some time ago, a friend reached out to me for a listening ear. He spoke of how misunderstood he felt as his worldview changed – he was undergoing a spiritual awakening. He began to voraciously read new literature, he found new friends who were exploring the same spiritual and political ideas he was, and much to the chagrin of his family, he felt increasingly alienated from his devoutly religious upbringing. I noticed how strikingly different he looked from the last time I saw him – it was as though his body morphed into a new one, mimicking his inner journey as his mind mutated to accommodate new philosophies and conceptions of reality.

(I should point out that this is quite typical of a spiritual awakening. Inner energetic shifts often result in striking physical/outward changes. New thought forms alter the frequency we broadcast, and because we are, as humans, bio-energetic beings, these new thought forms give new commands to our biological/physical systems. If you are going through an awakening process at the moment, you may find want to check out this page for some support).

Naturally, the first thing I did was ask him for his birth data. I cast his natal chart with his current transits, and there it was: transiting Pluto in Capricorn was closing in on an exact conjunction with his Ascendant, and was opposing his Cancer Mercury. And as if the action of transiting Pluto wasn’t enough, transiting Uranus was also closing in on an exact conjunction with his Aries I.C, and squaring his Moon. Big stuff.

Astrology in Anecdotes - a case of an awakening - Tara Nikita

Transiting Pluto on the Ascendant was his extreme weight loss put into astrological language. Pluto purges and pitilessly eliminates what is no longer necessary – in his case it was his excess body weight (Ascendant). He began to wear his hair differently, dress in a different way, and got his first piercing (which was somewhat of a shock to his conservative household). He wanted his whole appearance (Ascendant) to reflect the fundamental transformations (Pluto) of his intellectual ideas and thoughts (Mercury). He also began to go by a new alias.

His marriage began to feel the strain of his transformation (Pluto opposite his descendant); his transformed ideas made him increasingly incompatible with the person he was before he married. His wife was challenged to understand the changes he was experiencing and found his new explorations threatening to the security of their family life. Transiting Pluto opposing his Cancer descendant (governed by his 7th house Cancer Moon) also seemed to thematically tie it all together: his feelings of dissonance where his parents and roots were concerned, his relationship challenges, the changes to the home and family life he had established with his wife and child.

He yearned for a radical break from his deeply Christian upbringing and his devout family (transiting Uranus conjunct IC/4th house cusp; transiting Uranus square Moon). He felt a compelling need to express himself differently from the way he did in the past, and he needed to just be exactly how he liked without the limiting constraints or impositions of others’ opinions or feelings. He was right smack in the middle of a particularly self-centred, Uranian period. His urgent sense of needing to break out (transiting Uranus in Aries square Moon) could not be sacrificed for the happiness and comfort of his family and wife.

From an astrological perspective, we will note that it is important, when looking at the angles of a natal chart, to consider the whole axis. Pluto symbolized changes happening not only to my friend’s immediate self-expression and physical body (Ascendant) on account of his awakening, but to his marriage (Descendant). I also anticipate that my friend will have more to report as transiting Uranus opposes his natal Pluto – situated on his Midheaven!

Additionally, where applicable (given the actual degrees of the chart), we also want to keep in mind that planets on the Ascendant and Descendant are squaring the IC – 4th house, and MC-10th house. Uranus on the IC (family, roots, upbringing) squared my friend’s 7th house Moon. I had a client recently who experienced an “aha moment” as she realized that transiting Neptune in Pisces was not only on her Descendant, but also squaring her Midheaven! It helped her to gain some more perspective on the experiences she was having putting her work out into the world (Midheaven).

With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, those with planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) have been in the frying pan for a little while, and are facing the unique evolutionary demands of the moment.

To all of us I say “hang in there!”



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