Astrology in Anecdotes: A Tale of Taurus & Sagittarius

A few years ago I went out to a trendy new night spot with some friends. The nice thing about this new spot was that there were tables outdoors. Feeling the balmy Caribbean night air while sipping on a couple of drinks was a welcome change to the usual stuffy, air-conditioned room.

As my friends chatted away, I noticed myself zoning out, increasingly drawn to the light of a star overhead. I took out my Blackberry (remember those?) and checked: it was Jupiter, visible in the night sky.

I nudged my friend, “Hey, look up! There’s Jupiter!”

“Oh, okay”, he shrugged. He went back to his drink, fixed on the straw as he spun the ice in the glass.

That was it.

I momentarily felt a little ridiculous. Why should I have interrupted his conversation to show him something as trivial as Jupiter in the night sky? Who cares?

But I couldn’t ignore the swelling in my chest, a feeling of expansiveness and possibility took hold of me as Jupiter winked at me from above. I didn’t miss the significance of the sudden and spontaneous surge of hopeful feelings. Presiding over Sagittarius, Jupiter is, after all, the planet of expansion, possibility, and broader horizons.

Shortly after this episode, I asked my friend for his birth time. I cast his natal chart and there it was: my calm, steady and mellow friend had a Taurus moon, in the second, Taurus-ruled house. (Observation and experience have taught me that it is impossible to ignore the fact that planets in a house take on some of the characteristics of the sign governing that house. I consider it to be one of the most reliable and readily observable astrological factors).

Here was my friend, with a double emphasis on the Taurus principle. Bingo! Taurus takes things at face value. It’s interested in seeing, feeling and touching things here and now. It cares about immediately observable, tangible, in-your-face things. My friend wasn’t wired to care too much about lofty Sagittarian things like Jupiter in the sky. He didn’t care too much about the philosophical implications of witnessing another life-form in the space around the Earth (yes, other planets are life-forms). It didn’t move him in the slightest. What did move him was the here and now, what was in front of him – the pleasure and comfort of his drink.

On the other hand, of course Jupiter would speak to me. With three planets – Sun, Mercury and Pluto in the 9th house (ruled by Jupiter-Sagittarius), Sun trine Jupiter, Venus in Sagittarius, and a Sagittarius Midheaven, one could say I am predisposed to noticing Jupiter! My Sun isn’t in Sagittarius, but I am quite Sagittarian. I’m wired to care about the broader implications of things, and the wider Universe in which I live. I’m hopelessly high-minded, wanting to feel and sense my significance in the scheme of things. Understanding the greater meanings and purposes of life makes me feel hopeful and secure.

I didn’t bother telling my friend about my astrological findings.

Instead, I marvelled at the subtle ways in which the “stuff” of Life, the archetypal energies that shape human existence, reveal themselves – if we pay attention.


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