Not Your Normal Tarot Reading

Here is a summary of the essential differences between more traditional [Tarot] readings, and therapeutic intuitive counseling – the latter being the type of counseling I practice (and advocate!). These guidelines are not limited to intuitive work with Tarot, but are generally applicable to all sorts of intuitive work, such as astrology.

Traditional "Readings"Intuitive Counseling Therapy
Tend to be more focused on predicting outer eventsMore focused on client's inner emotional, mental and spiritual processes
Prediction focused on what "will" happenAnticipates strongest potentials and timelines based on client's current energetic state
Client asks what "will" happenClient wants to more deeply understand his situation
One-directional flow of information from reader to clientIntuitive counselor actively engages client in dialogue

Method is to RELATE all intuitive information to client's present life, aspirations, goals and challenges through dialogue
More focused on accuracy of events describedMore focused on insight, perspective and guidance
Reader knows things the client does notUsing her intuitive skills, the intuitive counselor helps client to uncover their own wisdom
InformationalInsightful and therapeutic
Not usually focused on furnishing clients with tools to move forwardEmpowers clients with tools and approaches to help them move forward
Less focused on meaningHelps client to understand WHY; helps provide client with context for challenges experienced
Reader does all the work in a sessionClient is invited to take responsibility for their responses and attitudes

Client invited to add his or her own intuitive impressions
More reader-focusedMore client-centered
Reader less likely to be qualified or experienced in therapeutic methodsIntuitive counselor tends to be qualified or experienced in the application of various therapeutic and counseling methods
Readings tend to take less timeSessions are in-depth, involve dialogue and therefore take more time, sometimes hours
Little or no post-reading supportIntuitive counselor often provides additional resources to a client after a session

Intuitive counselor may recommend other therapeutic interventions to help client
May be for entertainment purposes onlyClient's concerns and challenges are taken seriously
Tend to be more focused on the power of forces external to the clientInspires clients to have confidence in their own nature and capabiliites


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