Spirit Guides: A Slightly Different Approach

Spirit Guides: a slightly different approach - Tara Nikita

We all have guides. I sort of prefer the term “soul guides”, as it brings back the recognition that on a soul level, we are already very intimately familiar with our guides, many of whom have worked with us over the course of many lives, and across many timelines and existences. I like the term “soul guides” too because the work our guides undertake with us has everything to do with our soul trajectory, and soul growth.

Our guides are interested in the accomplishment of the tasks and objectives that we set out for ourselves before coming here, before taking on a new human personality and integrating with our human host bodies. These tasks and objectives are the tasks and objectives of our souls.

As an intuitive practitioner, I encounter people who want to understand more about their spirit guides – what their names are, how they look. There is often, in spiritual communities, an insatiable curiosity about “guides”, and the first port of call on the spiritual quest of many folks in these communities is “meeting their guides.” Cue downloaded guided meditation, and voila, guides show up in all their glory.

My conclusion, after a while of being in my field, and doing what I do, is that these sorts of inquiries – “who is my spirit guide” – sort of operate [mostly] to satisfy the conscious mind, which doesn’t really have a clue about what is going on, and needs to sort of label and put things into convenient categories. “Oh good, my spirit guide’s name is Zephalus, and it’s a he, and he looks very Egyptian with a headdress. Dark skinned.”

I should pause here to say that I have nothing against guided meditations or “meeting” spirit guides. I have had beautiful, really incredible connections through meditations that have reaffirmed my knowing that I am never alone, and that some very capable and wise entities keep an eye on me. I have had guides show me in physical, very 3D terms that they are very much there – they will oblige if you ask, and if they feel that such an intervention would be useful.

Here’s what’s up though:-

(Newsflash) we are already interacting with our guides. When our consciousness leaves the body and roams during our sleep states, we have opportunities to interact with our guides. We receive instructions and guidance that we then act on in our conscious, beta, waking states – not recognizing of course on a conscious level that we have had any spiritual communication. (Fun).

A huge part of connecting with your guides involves the assumption that they are already there. It involves acknowledging the signs and symbols that they show you. And how do you do this? By connecting with your own intuition, inner voice, and inner spiritual wisdom. Connecting with your own intuition and really listening to your feelings allows you to clearly receive the transmissions from your guides. Guides speak through you. They prod in very subtle ways – ways that eventually become not so subtle if you become accustomed to how subtle communication actually works and feels.

I don’t need to know names or know much information about my guides on a conscious level to feel their presence. I feel them. I am all too aware that I have teacher-guides who are assisting me, especially where my work is concerned. I am led to certain information at crucial junctures. The synchronicities boggle the mind.

The point here is to i) assume they are there, and ii) acknowledge the signs and symbols that they use and iii) recognize the ways in which you are already guided, and expect to get more of it. When guides make their presence known in ways that have extreme personal significance to you, say hello. Say “thank you for that.” Say “okay Spirit, I hear you loud and clear.”

On the flipside, some people can’t seem to do anything without the input of their guides – they can’t find a parking spot or select a decent toothbrush. My guides are telling me this, and telling me that. I do become a little wary of this kind of approach, for several reasons. The first is that to understand the framework of how and why it is we come into a physical body is to understand that the human personality is autonomous.

Once we come into body, we are supposed to figure shit out for ourselves, learn and grow. Yes, we are never ever cut off from Spirit, but our guides cannot make choices for us. They can help to clear certain paths for us, they can be involved with the non-physical level of orchestrating events in our lives, but what is most important is our own intentionality as souls and as human personalities.

To over-depend on confirmation from your guides undermines your own responsibility as a human. It also undermines your own intuition. Rather than becoming part of the mechanism of your own internal guidance system, over-dependence on “what my guides say” has the effect of taking power outside of the self.

Guides have different approaches, depending on the needs of the soul, and of the wiring of the human personality. Some guides might deliberately be more hands-off. It might not be what you need on a soul level to have too much intervention from your guides. However, that does not mean that you feel an absence of spiritual support. The support that you need may be the hands-off kind. Regardless of the specific agreements and arrangements that our guides have with us, the overarching point is that they are not here to do the work for us. We all have to make choices and decisions that we are accountable for.

In my intuitive practice, I encourage my clients to connect to their own guides themselves. Rather than ask me about them, I encourage clients to develop their own personal relationship – which to me, seems infinitely more rewarding.

How about this: assume the system is working. Assume that your guides are there in the background doing what they agreed to do, which frees you up to deal with the task at hand: living your earth life with as much dignity and grace as you can.



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