Let’s get real about the third eye


It’s no secret that I love eye symbology. Eye symbology is tattooed on my back, as well as on my ankle. When I go out with my back exposed, it seems to always invite people to strike up a conversation. Am I a Christian. Is it the evil eye. Do I “believe in” Jesus. Am I trying to watch my back (how novel).

The truth about tattoos is that they are very often “notes to self.” They are symbolic reminders of hard-earned wisdom – wisdom we don’t ever want to forget. So we etch it into our skin. Fortified by the pain of our learning experience, the pain of getting a tattoo seems comparatively negligible. The beautiful and curious thing about tattoos is that as we evolve in consciousness, so does the meaning of our tattoos. I got my first eye tattooed on my back seven or eight years ago, and a lot has changed in my vista of reality since then.

If I dared to etch this sacred symbol on my back, then, looking back retrospectively, it seems that I was sending a message to the multiverse. In etching this symbol on my skin, I was in effect announcing my readiness to learn what it really meant. In some way I must have been stating that I wanted to qualify for wearing it.

So here is what I’ve learned thus far: the third eye isn’t for kids.

It isn’t fundamentally about psychic parlour tricks, clairvoyance, or astral projection. Notwithstanding that the third eye is a “higher” chakra, the sacred work of the third eye is actually incredibly grounding. Nothing situates you more gracefully within your physical reality (not floating somewhere astrally above it) than making a conscious and deliberate choice to work with this part of your spiritual anatomy.

The sacred work of the third eye is about learning to consciously choose the lens through which you will view your life experience. It is about dusting off your interpretive filters to see the deeper spiritual reality behind a situation. And when we are firmly anchored in the deeper spiritual realities that form the very basis of our physical experience, we find that we are able to function in our physical lives in far more graceful and dignified ways.

The work of the third eye is learning to ignore what is apparent on a physical level, so that we can function more adeptly within our physical world. With the third eye, pain, loss and grief become opportunities for advancement. We can more gracefully navigate our grief when we see loss with the symbolic sight of the third eye.

Looking with and through the third eye, we see how, at a soul level, we courageously participate in emotionally difficult events to further our own spiritual growth.

Looking with and through the third eye, we appreciate that there is logic and purpose in all that is.

Looking with and through the third eye, we re-train our sight to perceive that the loss of friendship and the dissolution of relationships are gifts in disguise – gifts that we had been asking for at the level of our soul.

Looking with and through the third eye, we see that the people who cause us the most pain are giving us exactly what we need – in supreme acts of service. Looking with and through the third eye, we recognize our agreements with these souls, and we see ourselves not as victims, but as willing participants in the process of our spiritual unfolding.

Looking with and through the third eye, we see that loved ones are around, even when they depart.

Looking with and through the third eye, we penetrate to our deeper identities as souls, understanding that the objectives of our souls sometimes fly in the face of the conscious plans of our personalities.

Looking with and through the third eye, we accept the sovereignty of other souls – refusing to pity them, or see them as victims, no matter where they find themselves.

The real work of the third eye is consciously aligning with our inner sight. Opening the third eye isn’t about sitting at home trying to astral project; it isn’t about wowing others with our psychic prowess. Nor is it about having esoteric knowledge. The real work of the third eye is making the choice to bring our conscious mind into deeper spiritual alliance with the greater part of our beings – the part that knows why we are here, and who we really are. Opening the third eye isn’t fundamentally intellectual work either: we feel the opening of the third eye in increased feelings of peace and stability – the peace that passes all understanding.

The real work of the third eye is to always look for the seeds of grace – even when our physical eyes cannot perceive them.

In memory of Jonathan



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