The Spiritual Awakening Mentorship Session

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It is with a deep, heartfelt desire to really be of assistance to people going through the spiritual awakening process that I introduce my latest offering: the spiritual awakening mentorship session.  Creating genuinely useful resources for folks navigating the spiritual awakening process absolutely lights me up – because I had to navigate my spiritual awakening all on my own. I never really had anyone who I could turn to to explain what was going on.

I never had anyone who I could frankly and honestly speak to about the massive perceptual, energetic, physical and emotional changes I was making my through. I was essentially my own guide. (My own non-physical guides and teachers let me know that this was for very great purpose. The fact that I did it all “on my own” – [as far as other humans were concerned, anyway] actually supports my present work).

My spiritual awakening mentorship sessions are designed for you if you need practical support and grounded advice for navigating your spiritual awakening with dignity, with grace, with impeccable clarity and savvy. It’s where you get support to make it through the life transitions that invariably accompany a spiritual awakening. It’s a safe space where words and concepts like “interdimensional”, “DNA recalibration”, “energy body” and “lightwork” are perfectly alright, minus empty, wispy new-agey babble which doesn’t really help you. It’s a safe space to talk about perceptions which fly in the face of conventional paradigms and beliefs.

Click here to learn more about who these sessions are for, who they are NOT for, what to expect and how to book

I’m still doing intuitive readings with the Tarot, designed to put you squarely in touch with the messages your higher guidance would like to convey. But my inkling is that these spiritual awakening mentorship sessions will not only enable me to offer support to you in another way that I can, but it will absolutely enrich our time spent together.

I’m so looking forward to working with you.

Big love,