It’s Not About What It’s About: Understanding Chaotic Planetary Events

Understanding chaotic global events - Tara Nikita

From the guides: 

Good afternoon.

It is actually evening, but we know you like the sound of us saying “good afternoon.” This is fine. We do not exist in your time, so we are not too bothered with what time it is. But as you sit to write this, it is in fact twilight. A nice summer evening in June.

Let us begin.

For some time we have wanted to talk about the idea that it is not about what it’s about. That the way things are received by you – the way events are painted, the way they are presented, the discourse around them…well, a lot of it is missing the point. And what is the point?

The point is that increasingly the events on your world are revealing to you that old paradigms, old perceptual paradigms, are crumbling. Your old paradigms cannot keep up with the bizarre nature of the events plaguing your world. The traumas, the things that seem outright farcical…the events that are “out there” need a new understanding applied to them.

We gave this to you when Orlando occurred. You correctly picked up that it wasn’t what it was about. We have to give this to you honestly. We do this at the risk of upsetting your most precious paradigms. Here it is: discourses of race, gender, sexuality, class, while they are still important on your world, no doubt simply because of where you are as a species, these categories and discourses cannot fully explain the turmoil that is occurring on your planet. People are committing atrocious acts not because of any real ideological or political position. People are committing atrocious acts not because they have an ideological position against another group of people. To some extent, though violence rooted in an ideological position is just as barbaric, just as bad, it is almost as though this sort of violence in the past was “better” because it made more “sense”.

Let us be frank. Ideological violence is sort of shall we say…a thing of the past. Just like your political parties. Your political parties are less distinguished by their ideological positions, even though you still think there is a substantive and real difference between their ideologies. The difference between the political parties on your world, in terms of their ideologies, is becoming less and less relevant. You will have to see this for yourself. Political divisions are now a lot like masks…Republican or Democrat, a lot of what is presented to you as important differences simply is a mask. A mask that covers over what is becoming increasingly more apparent when you probe deeper: differences are not the differences you thought they were. They are masks for sameness. The sameness of systems that do not really have your best interest at heart.

So let us get back to the issue. The events on your world have very little to do, at their core, with “positions” as you understand them, and this is frightening. It is frightening because what this does is that it adds an element of randomness that you find difficult to swallow. Your news reports and investigative reports are full of attempts to understand “motives” of very disturbed people who do very disturbed things. You are looking for motives because you are still in a paradigm of the past. There are no motives. There are simply very disturbed people. People who are dissociated, people who are tranced out, people who have no handle on reality, people who do not know how to manage the energy that is now bombarding your planet.

You are living in very very volatile times. And the challenge is for you to remain sane and functional when everything around you wants to test your sanity. So it is sort of a cycle – you are bombarded with energies that are challenging to integrate for your little bodies. Then people cannot manage the energy, then they dissociate and do things that your media reports. Your media reports their insanity and your media broadcasts it to the world, and even the most functional and sane among you then find that your sanity is challenged. It is difficult to witness insanity and not find yourself challenged emotionally and mentally.

Do not underestimate the energy of the times you live in. You are in the frying pan. It is very important that you have this context, that you have this overview. It is very important that you learn to see things in ENERGETIC terms. Learn to sense and see the energy that links the events on your planet. The energy that links the disappearance of your planes, the “random” acts of violence, the new viruses and epidemics that seemingly crop up out of nowhere. So what we are saying is that there is an energetic method to the madness. Do you see? It is all not so random after all. The more savvy of you realize the exponential increase in these kind of things within the last few years, and you intuitively – at some level, you recognize a pattern. The randomness is starting to reveal an underlying pattern – as paradoxical as this sounds.

So really, we are simply wanting to signal to you that these are very challenging times. Your old paradigms and discourses are flying in your face, and many of you would like to hold on to them. You will find very fast that they lose their explanatory power as things get more and more bizarre. As things get more and more bizarre you’ll begin to use your psychic intuition, your smarts, to sniff things out. You’ll get more intuitive and you’ll get smarter.

Things have to dissolve. You are, as a race, releasing many traumas. They are coming up, and many of you don’t know what to do. Those who have more of a bigger picture will have to play the role of guiding the others. Not so much by what you say – but by your ability to take absolute charge of your awareness. By your ability to say what you will direct your attention to. By being more selective about what you hand over your attention to. By being clear. By learning to be grounded and to attend to the simple practicalities of your life.

We would advise you to allow the emotional reactions to the trauma to move through you. Understand that you are processing energy, and many of you are doing it on behalf of others who cannot process the energy in a grounded way. Those are the ones who may take to the streets, and who are losing their noodles. You will serve others when you learn to integrate shock and horror in the cleanest and most sane way you can. Have your emotional response, but we advise you to not get too caught up in the drama of it all. It will not serve you, and it will distract you.

So we wanted to give you this understanding. It’s not what it is about. The energies on your world are being stirred, and stirred and stirred. Deep currents of energy are moving. The pot of energy is being stirred. That is why you are witnessing what you are witnessing. Humanity is in a process of psychic release, and you will have to move through very testing times to arrive at more awareness, more awakening, and a better way to be as a species.

Hang in there. Keep in the back of your mind that it’s not about what it’s about. Let this reassure you so that you can ride the waves of energy with more ease.

With that we will depart.

– Your Guides. And we are many.


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