Solstice Affirmation & Meditation

Summer Solstice Tara Nikita

I felt very moved to share a summer solstice affirmation and meditation. I invite you, if you feel resonant with these words, to say them aloud, or to perhaps take some time out of your day for private reflection. We are collectively in such volatile and tumultuous times. We are processing so much as a human collective. Sometimes I myself need to sit down and let the energy move through me in whatever way in needs to. In those moments I am acutely aware that I am serving as a “hub” for the flow and integration of energy – I am processing not just for myself, but also on behalf of the collective. This summer solstice affirmation and meditation is directed toward the planet, and the human collective.

The life-giving energy of the sun is participating with my personal expansion, and the expansion of us all. The sun’s radiance is propelling me into higher states of awareness. I am amazed by the deep cooperation of our galaxy and solar system – a galaxy and solar system which work with me and us all. I invite the sun to give me the information and codes that I need; the information and codes that I asked for as I agreed to be here, now, in this very tricky time. I know that as I enjoy the rays of the sun, I am being worked on at deep, deep, levels. I am being worked on not only for my highest fulfillment, but for the highest fulfillment of all.

I am grounded.

I have keen discernment. I am shrewd and I am astute. 

I am in the right place at the right time. Nothing about where I find myself is random or without purpose. 

I am here participating with the planet. This is what I agreed to do. I work with the Earth, and I bless the Earth. We are here at this time for very great purpose. 

I am part of a collective of beings who hold a higher vision for humanity. 

I hold this vision is my soul code, in my DNA.

May I ride tumultuous times with grace, and with dignity. When I do this for myself, I know that I am energetically holding the doors open for other people to do the same. 

I know, at deep levels, what the bigger picture is. I am in constant communication with my Higher Mind. With the part of me that has the bird’s eye view.

I am custodian of the Earth. 

I know what I am and am not available for. I am available for ever more expansion and awareness. I am available for being edified. The sun reminds me that I am available for fun, I am available for vitality, and I am available for a good time. 

I’ll continue to hold out for my own victories in consciousness.

I am here to restore dignity to being human.


You are suspended in space. In deep quiet. It is still.

Within clear view is Earth. You look on, admiring the Earth’s beauty – the shining blue ball that is the Living Library of the galaxy. You sense the slow, seemingly glacial current of the oceans and you are filled with a deep sense of cooperation – the cooperation that sustains all existence on Earth. The cooperation that sustains nature: the plants, the animals.

As you look on from your perch in space, you sense the Living Earth. In the silent space of your own heart, you become aware of your own cooperation with her. You feel the deepest appreciation, for you are able to sense the grace that she extends to you – as she hosts your soul’s evolvement across many lines of time. The Living Earth knows your stories – your victories, your challenges. She is always a willing participant, cooperating with you for whatever your learning is.

Perhaps as you look on, suspended in deep space, you become aware of others around you looking toward the Earth with reverence. Perhaps you and the others gather in a wide circle around the Earth. You all close your eyes as you telepathically link up with each other to magnify your healing intent and love for Earth.

You sense another kind of cooperation now – this time between yourself and others who are here doing the very same work as you: lifting the energy of the planet. You become aware of your extended family – scattered all over Earth. You may not know them in your physical life, but in the stillness of space, you recognize them as Family.

Maybe now you begin to sense something else. You begin to sense the subtle but loving presence of other Beings who share your love for Earth. You recognize these Beings as your Teachers, as your Friends, as more of your extended Family in the galaxy. They take the energy of healing you have created as a circle, and they amplify it even more. As more recognition comes, you recall that these are your Teachers who helped you to wake up and remember your responsibilities toward the planet.

They stand in loving solidarity with you as you bless the Earth.

Peace, and happy summer solstice/full moon.

Many blessings,