Emotional States & Your Power : Approaching Food From An Energetic Perspective

Energetics of Food - Tara Nikita

Two weeks ago we looked at how the spiritual awakening process invariably asks us to heal and resolve the energetic of judgement, and we brought up food choices as a great example of an arena in which our judgement comes to the foreground to be addressed. Food is such an incredibly touchy topic that it deserves its own discussion. So this week I thought I would specifically address the energetics of food.

One of the first things to be understood when looking at food from an energetic perspective is that, in the scheme of things, the vibrational energetic underpinning one’s food consumption is more important than the specific kinds of foods one eats. (A premise which flies in the face of more conventional health paradigms. #Fun).

“I am eating this food because I am right about food, and other people are wrong” reflects an energetic of judgement.

“I am eating this food primarily because I am worried about other foods being detrimental to my health and well-being” reflects an underlying energetic of anxiety.

If judgement or anxiety (or any other negative emotion, such as self-loathing) are dominant underlying energies from which one consumes food, then these energies undercut the physical body’s ability to receive nutrient value from the food one eats. The physical body is first and foremost a bio-energetic system, which means that it is a physical translator and mirror of energy. Not only do these underlying energetic states limit the body’s ability to receive value from the food, but the body will often react to an individual’s underlying negative energetic states by displaying food allergies or intolerance.

Many individuals who eat food from a place of judgement, loathing or anxiety will find that the actual food they eat produces certain adverse physical reactions. From the perspective of energy, it is not so much “the food” “out there” that is causing adverse physical responses in the body. Instead, the body in effect, is saying this: “I am unable to serve you because the energy here is not conducive to me working properly. The energy part of our bio-energetic relationship is off. Let me try to help you out by giving you a signal that reflects the dominant energy you are holding so that you can do something about it.”

In the arena of food and health, we have been taught that we need to adjust the external first, rather than principally attend to our inner energetic states. As long as we are residing in an energy of anxiety, eliminating certain foods from our diet which we think may harm us, or eliminating foods which already have produced adverse physical responses, will not really augment our well-being. It won’t augment our well-being because we have not attended to the root cause of our problem, which is always, always, always, fundamentally energetic.

Consensus reality now tells us to avoid gluten at all costs, and gluten has now become the proverbial “enemy”. The difficulty here is that once the energetic component is missing from a directive such as this, then we are going to have a lot of very confused people attempting to adjust themselves from the outside in, and wondering why their overall well-being has not improved, or has even deteriorated with the elimination of gluten. You cannot escape your dominant energy. If fear of being “glutened” (yes, I discovered the use of “gluten” as a verb. I’m late, I know) is the energetic basis of your food consumption, or if you invest a lot of energetic attention toward gluten being detrimental, then that constant energetic of fear will show itself to you in your immediate physical experience.

Connecting the dots: You are an energetic match to certain foods

As far as energy is concerned, life is not compartmentalized. If you hold an energy of victimhood in a particular aspect of your life which dominates your attention, and therefore is where you are vibrationally “hanging out”, then that energy of victimhood becomes the basis of your overall energetic point of attraction. If you are experiencing the energy of victimhood in your intimate relationship and giving most of your energetic attention to being victimized there, you may experience “being the victim” in other aspects of your life. You may then find that you begin to encounter your co-worker or boss playing the role of perpetrator – as a match to your most persistent energetic state.

If you direct a lot of your focus and energetic attention to the government being oppressive, and  to feeling victimized by its policies, then you may find that other situations begin to match your sense of being victimized.

Equally, food that “victimizes” you (producing a physically adverse reaction) is an energetic match to your state of feeling victimized. Like everything else, we interact with food on an energetic basis.

In situations such as these, it is the energetic of victimhood that needs to be healed within the emotional body. It is the sense of powerlessness underlying one’s food intolerance that needs to be resolved.

Very often, we do not even really consciously know how we are directing our energetic attention, and we cannot see the link between our thoughts/emotions and what we physically experience. A lot of the work therefore, is simply being aware of what really consumes our energetic attention so that we do not make things outside ourselves “the enemy,” and relinquish our power to things outside ourselves.

Food & Your Power

As humans, we live on the playground of power. Rising in spiritual awareness brings one’s possession and use of power into very sharp perspective. Being human is an exercise of power: the power to direct one’s basic creative essence, energy and focus.

Making gluten (or any other food substance outside oneself) the “enemy” is a very disempowering energetic stance to take. Being at the “mercy” of gluten is to simultaneously signal to the Field of Energy that you are not in charge of directing your power. Rather than being stuck in a disempowering paradigm which gives over our control to producers of food, it would serve us more to understand that what is within our jurisdiction is our ability to say where and how we place our energetic attention. It is within our jurisdiction to signal, at an energetic level, what we are and are not available for.

Ever so often, as societies, we make certain foods the place holders of our collective fear, anger, upset and dissatisfaction. From an energetic perspective, we assign certain foods the role of “container” for our collective feelings of powerlessness.

Looking at and taking charge of our emotional states is perfectly within our jurisdiction. What is empowering is knowing that the control panel of your outer experience, including your interaction with food, is within you. What is empowering is knowing that you can heal and resolve your emotions, and completely change the energetic basis of your interaction with food.

You can still be selective about the food that you eat from a far more positive energetic place which is aligned with your preferences, rather than your fears, anxieties or judgments.

What is more is that as your dominant energetic offering reflects more wholesome, positive, self-loving and coherent feeling states, you will not be an energetic match to food which does not generally enhance your well-being. You will not seek it out, you will not be interested in it, and your body will guide you to the foods that best serve your unique bio-energetic wiring.




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