Individual Karmic Experiences Are Collective Ascension Codes

Individual Karmic Experiences - Tara Nikita

Five planets in the astrological 11th house probably explains the increasingly “collective” focus that my work seems to be developing – the collective themes that seem to be seeking expression through the content I write.

On a planetary level, we are now receiving and integrating energies which strengthen our energetic link to the collective – of humanity and beyond. We have been receiving these “collective codes” primarily through an unconscious process of energetic integration (with recent solar and lunar eclipses as energetic catalysts), but now these integrations are rising up into our conscious awareness – influencing how we think, and the concepts we are able to articulate.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about the shadow self, and that healing our individual shadow material always has implications for the wider collective. Similar to processing our shadow material, the karmic experiences that we encounter also have within them an inherent collective code.

Karmic experiences of exponential yet challenging spiritual growth and expansion – especially the ones we encounter in our relationships with others, are occurrences which simultaneously have an individual and collective impact. Karmic experiences which propel us into more expanded states of consciousness act to step up the collective consciousness. This is not fundamentally a numerical statement which only implies that as more individuals heal and expand through karmic experiences, there is a numerical increase on the collective level. While it is true that aggregates of individuals who expand in consciousness impact the collective (through the sheer math of it), what we are really being asked to understand at this point in our evolution is the inherent energetic structural code or design of karmic events. Individual karmic events have, at their core, a structural blueprint which is designed to ascend the collective consciousness.

Individual karmic events are “ascension codes” : energetic opportunities given to us at an individual level to heal and activate the collective human DNA, expand our consciousness, and allow us more access to our spiritual multidimensional selves. All experiences that teach us and expand us are ascension codes :- energetic points at which we plug into the overall ascension of human consciousness. Individual karmic events are designed for individual soul expansion and growth, but they also have a built-in collective coding. Collective ascension was always on the agenda where individual karmic experiences have been concerned.

The Astrology of Ascension

Much like the way in which astrological transits to the natal chart indicate where and how we are processing shadow material, astrological transits are also the symbolic language of ascension codes. Transits are how one’s energy and karma are released. Outer planet transits to personal planets, such as Saturn transits to the natal sun, or Pluto transits to the natal Moon, are opportunities which allow us to expand into a higher dimensional state, or a higher state of awareness.

We each have specific “ascension codes” that we come in with when we incarnate on the planet. We have contracts or agreements for expansion and growth that we signed up for. Astrological transits to our natal charts describe our individual timetables – the growth opportunities and lessons that we have scheduled for ourselves. Transits, as Stephen Arroyo so aptly describes, “kick off the karmic clock.” Astrological transits are energetic catalysts which trigger ascension codes – energetic opportunities for individual and collective expansion.

Think of it this way: we are each individually working the big puzzle of human consciousness expansion. Individual stories of career and relationship disruptions, changes and transitions (often symbolically described by our individual astrology) describe the ways in which more impersonal collective energetic patterns are healed. We personalize these patterns as we take them on in order to heal and resolve them.

The events that happen in our lives as Saturn transits the natal Sun, or Pluto transits the natal Moon, are out-picturings of the underlying energetic patterns that we are here to heal. They are out-picturings of our inner, energetic ascension codes.

Do Not Take It Too Personally

Armed with the understanding of “ascension codes” we can begin to get some much-needed perspective on our individual karmic experiences. We tend to get very taken up with the specifics of our individual stories, and we tend to give a lot of weight to the perceived singularity of our karmic experiences. (“I am the one experiencing this. This happened to me”). But we are really also being asked to understand the other part of our stories: that energy is moving through us to be healed. We are always healing on behalf of the collective. Collective energetic patterns are being healed through us in our individual lives. Our individual stories have a far more expansive back story.

Appreciating all of this allows us to step back and be less engulfed by the drama of our karmic experiences. While these experiences are challenging and often painful, and of course do have personal soul significance, being cognizant that we are in truth also dealing with a more impersonal process of collective healing tends to enhance our ability to more gracefully move through our experiences.


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