The Hierophant: Healing the Lightworker Complex

The Hierophant - Healing the Lightworker - Tara Nikita

In this week’s podcast we explore:

The “Lightworker Complex” – the lightworker’s fears and wounds surrounding speaking and revealing what he or she knows. We look at these fears in the context of the lightworker’s soul history and incarnational past.

How the Hierophant in the Tarot can help the lightworker tap into his power and inner maverick, as well as heal his fears around communication.

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Full transcript:

Today I want to talk about the Tarot archetype the Hierophant, and what the Hierophant has to teach the lightworker in terms of healing what I call the Lightworker Complex.

The “Lightworker Complex”, in the way that I’m using that term, has very much to do with the lightworker’s incarnational past. Meaning in other lives or in other lines of time, the Lightworker had to be in the closet. (For those of you who are interested, I’ve done a blog post on Coming out of the Lightworker Closet, so I’ll put that link on the page too).

So the lightworker complex is about lightworkers not wanting to speak about what they know, or not wanting to reveal the level of their investment in spiritual concepts – especially those ideas that have to do with the spiritual make up of humanity, and the awakening of consciousness on the planet. So this complex is experienced by the lightworker in the present because in other lifetimes or timelines the lightworker would have experienced persecution on account of having access to certain spiritual information. Or for many lightworkers, in their soul or incarnational history, they would have been the guardians or the keepers of certain kinds of spiritual information.

So these are the souls that would have played a big role in the Mystery Schools of Old. And so what we have with these lightworkers are fears around expressing what they know because they are essentially steeped in an old modality of keeping certain kinds of spiritual knowledge under lock and key – whether because this was their job, or because they would have been persecuted in the past.

It’s very interesting because traditionally the Hierophant in the Tarot is the archetype that has to do with following established rules and keeping or maintaining the status quo. So it’s not immediately obvious how the Hierophant could be an archetype of healing for the Lightworker because really and truly the type of knowledge that the lightworker has access to very often flies in the face of tradition, it flies in the face of what would be the status quo, it flies in the face of received wisdom and knowledge.

But if we look at the Hierophant from two perspectives, we can begin to tap into why the Hierophant is an archetype of healing for the lightworker.

The first perspective has to do with a more etymological reading of the Hierophant. The name “Hierophant”, which belonged to the high priest of ancient Greek mysteries, actually means “revealer of sacred things.” And that is what the Lightworker is here to do. To reveal sacred wisdom because the lightkeeper (lightworker) is the wisdom keeper of old. So in a sense the Hierophant can be the invitation that the lightworker needs to have the courage to step AWAY from the status quo. To not shut down in the face of traditional ideas about reality and the spiritual anatomy of the human. The lightworker is here to reveal sacred things and to reawaken the ancient spiritual wisdom that he or she held in the past – in his or her incarnational history.

So the Hierophant as a pathway of the lightworker’s healing is asking the lightworker to REVEAL not CONCEAL what he or she knows. And it’s very interesting because we are at a place on the planet now where more than ever people are receptive to alternate ideas of reality, and alternate ideas about the spiritual and energetic make up the human. But even as that’s happening and people are more receptive to different kinds of knowledge, there is a sort of push back from the status quo. And it’s going to be very interesting to see, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017, because Saturn in Sag is going to be helping us to prune some of the codified ideas that make up the fabric of consensus reality. And that is where the lightworker’s knowledge and expertise comes in. But Saturn brings a challenge – so received wisdom and beliefs are being pruned but the challenge is how entrenched the status quo is. So it’s a challenge to dismantle.

The second reason why the Hierophant is an archetype of healing for the lightworker is because of the Hierophant’s connection with the throat chakra – the voice box. The Hierophant is trump 5 in the major arcana, which also happens to correspond with the 5th chakra, the throat chakra. So the mandate that the lightworker has of revealing sacred things calls his throat chakra into function. The lightworker really needs to step into his power and his role of expressing the content of his Inner Being. For the lightworker, it’s an act of POWER to speak and reveal what the he knows. It’s an act of tremendous courage.

From a numerological perspective 5 is also the energy of change; 5 is here to begin to unsettle the old order of things. The lightworker is asked to play her role in unsettling things by speaking and revealing what she knows in order to usher in a new type of consciousness.

So lightworker, the Hierophant is asking you to heal the fears and old energy in your soul history by NOT shutting down in the face of the status quo. The Hierophant is actually asking you to be the maverick that you are, to be the revealer not the concealer. The Hierophant is saying, “look lightworker, you need to claim your authority to speak.”

The Hierophant is saying, “look lightworker, you need to be bold in your declaration of who you are and what you are about.”

The Hierophant is saying, “‘you need to come OUT of hiding and embody your role as teacher, because you are teaching and revealing the sacred. You are teaching humanity a new way of being.”

The Hierophant is asking you to let your voice be heard. He is asking you to teach what you know, and begin to see yourself as an authority. Not in the usual way of how we have come to authority – as something external. He is asking you instead to tap into your Inner Authority and the self-belief which says “I have something to share, and I am equipped to share it.”

If you are doubting yourself, lightworker, in whatever work you do, the Hierophant is saying to you – “recognize yourself as having expertise which can be of healing benefit to others.”

The Hierophant is saying to you lightworker, to represent your truth. To embody your truth in a big way.

The Hierophant is saying come out with what you know.

The Hierophant is asking you to give yourself permission to speak.

The Hierophant is saying look, “speak what you know, from your Inner Depths, and do not be concerned about approval and validation from others.” The Hierophant is asking you to declare: “This is who I am, this is what I’m doing, and I respond first and foremost to my inner teacher and inner authority.”

The Hierophant is asking the lightworker to affirm “I am not only healing myself through communication, but I am healing others. As I step into my power and heal myself through communication, I am healing others.”

I’m going to end by reading this wonderful message from the Gateway Oracle which I think does such a great job of conveying what the Hierophant would want the lightworker to know. It says:

Allow the truth of your soul to be felt and heard. It’s an act of power to speak freely and easily. Be willing to stand and address people from the centre of your being. Know you can heal yourself and others through communication. This isn’t a time to step back. This is the time to step forward and share from your heart. You are a natural teacher and you have the ability to empower and enrich the lives of others through your words. Step into your role as teacher and leader.

The Hierophant would say, “step into your role as revealer.”



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