Q+A: How do I know channeled information is true?

Q+A - How do I know channeled information is true - Tara Nikita

Dear Tara,

With so many sources out there, one of the main concerns awakening people have is how they can know whether to trust the veracity of channeled information. How can you be sure if a source or medium is conveying the truth about what has happened in our collective history or what is happening now?

The first thing I’d like to talk about in response to this is the fact that we are attracted to sources of information that we are energetically in resonance with. We attract, or intuit certain kinds and levels of information based on what is in our energetic field. We also attract and intuit certain kinds of information based on the quality of the frequencies that we have come in with on a soul level, and which we have access to in the present because other aspects of our being are familiar with these types of energies and frequencies. So if you are interacting with certain material or information, there is something within you which recognizes it.

It’s like if you were present for a particular event, and later on you encounter someone talking about it – the realness and “truth” of the event is more acute for you than for someone who would not have experienced it directly. Your body will give you positive, coherent feelings of recognition and alignment when a) information resonates with you, and b) it is information which is in your best interest to integrate and to know. So in terms of being able to “trust” information that comes into your awareness, you will have to develop a strong working relationship with your physical body in order to discern the energetic signature of the material.

The second thing I’d like to raise is that people process information and learn very differently. So there is a reason why there is a multiplicity of channeled sources providing information and guidance. Just like having a lecturer at university whose style you appreciate, people resonate with various sources of material based on how they are wired to process and assimilate information, and where they are in their journey of spiritual unfolding and awareness.

Within the multiverse there are so many reflections of Source energy – there are so many diverse beings that of course, information with a Sirian tone, or with an Andromedan tone would be very different from each other. Information from the Hathors would also be very different from information from the Pleiadians or the Zetas. And of course, within these groupings there are differences. By way of an analogy, if Earth humanity were asked about Earth history, no doubt Italians would have very different perspectives to offer than people from Brazil or from Zimbabwe. So when people are channelling a variety of beings, different and unique perspectives will come forward. And your own personal soul and multidimensional “history” will determine which of these perspectives you gravitate toward, which of these ring ‘true’ for you.

However, all sources of channelled information which are in your best interest to work with generally reiterate the following perspectives and themes:

We live in a benevolent, co-creative system of cooperation.

The field of energy is responsive to our own energetic offering.

We are not victims.

We are extensions of Source energy.

We are creator beings.

We create our own experience, individually and collectively.

It is our task to learn how to direct our energy in spiritually responsible ways which honour and respect ourselves, and the rest of creation.

We must assume spiritual responsibility for what we create.

One of the issues that we have to come to terms with is the fact that we have been conditioned to search for one, uniform, version of “the truth.” We seek consensus, but “consensus”, in the way that we’ve been conditioned to want it, doesn’t really exist, because All That Is reflects multitudinous, but equally valid perspectives. We tend to be hung up on one version of the truth, and this is compounded by us perceiving time in a linear fashion.

So we are inclined to think that Earth’s history is a continuous linear sequence of events, when it is not. We tend to expect that channeled information should present one coherent version of Earth’s unfolding, and when we hear different perspectives from a variety of sources, we wonder which “one” we ought to accept as true. However, we have to deal with the fact that when we are accessing multidimensional perspectives through a phenomenon such as channelling, it is likely to upset the veneer of linearity that we impose on our reality. In terms of channeled information pertaining to our collective history, we must contend with there being different dimensional realities within the Earth plane, and thus different versions of history. There are divergences, convergences, and overlaps. We must contend with the fact that there are, and have been, consciousnesses that are functioning on the planet at different dimensional levels and have a range of dimensional access.

Creation is diverse. And Earth in particular is a highly significant genetic library storing varieties upon varieties of DNA which link us to our cosmic and stellar families. This precious planet stores parts of their make-up, just like children store the make-up of their grandparents. Therefore, many beings in the multiverse have an interest in Earth’s unfolding, and we are able to access their diverse perspectives through channeling.

In the scheme of things, this is something to celebrate. The question of how to deal with many sources of information allows us to raise our gaze to perceive a basic tenet of existence: that we are different, realities are vast and diverse, and we are not meant to translate Source energy in the same way. In this time of awakening we are coming to terms with more expansive pictures of reality. We are learning how to navigate them, and to use our inner discernment to find our truths, and the truth of who we are.

This is the test of our time.




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