8 Crazy Spiritual Practices for a more Magical & Empowered Life

Crazy Spiritual Practices - Tara Nikita

1. Use your imagination to do things you PHYSICALLY can’t 

Some time ago, I listened to Barbara Marciniak describe how she conjured up two dragons in her imagination to stand at the foot of her bed. No longer able to stand the disturbances and interference with her sleep, she decided to assign two dragons to stand guard and protect her while she slept. Once she did this, she found that she was able to sleep peacefully through the night.

On a more personal note, once, while feeling a little insecure about where I lived, I decided to leave the guardian spirit of the land “in charge”. I pictured this serpentine energy deep inside the land, keeping watch. In my mind’s eye I also visualized my ancestors, sitting down on tree stumps, lovingly keeping a look out. As soon as I imaginatively assigned them the task of guarding and protecting, I felt at ease.

You see, we have yet to really comprehend the power of the imagination. Conventional paradigms tell us imagination is imagination, and that what is physically seen in a third dimensional sense is “real.” But here’s the thing: to work with your imagination is to work in another dimensional reality which is just as “real” as what we physically perceive. Sheer physicality doesn’t mean something is “more real” than something else.

Imaginative exercises are really exercises in the use and movement of consciousness and energy. To use your imagination is to move energy. Exercises of your imagination actually do something. They have very real effects.

Imagination isn’t as bound by physical, third dimensional “rules”, so why not employ it as a tool to help you do the things you can’t physically do? Imagination acts as a funnel for energy into the physical, so how about consciously using it to enhance our physical experience?

What can you conjure up today?

2. Chakra roses

The P’s taught me this: use your imagination to give yourself an energetic tuning up. At the beginning of your day, or as you go about your day, imagine big beautiful delicate roses, corresponding to the colour of each chakra:-

Red rose – base chakra
Orange rose – sacral chakra
Yellow rose – solar plexus chakra
Green rose – heart chakra
Blue rose – throat chakra
Indigo rose – third eye chakra
Violet rose – crown chakra

Place each rose at its corresponding chakra. There are many variations of chakra exercises, but I find this one to be the most effective because it is so simple.

3. Dream state instruction

Give yourself instructions for dream state. Intend to receive inspired solutions to the challenges in your waking life. Say them out loud, or write them down before you sleep. (I don’t know, but there’s just something about writing my intentions down for dream state on a piece of paper, then putting it underneath my pillow).

Get into a working partnership with your dreaming self. Know that regardless of whether you recall the solutions and inspirations that you received upon waking, there are parts of you that store the information. Watch your waking life become enriched by this practice, as solutions appear in your physical experience in the most synchronistic ways. Most of all, expect to receive what it is you’ve asked for.

4. The “Higher Mind to-do list”

Get a notebook and draw a line down the middle of a page to make two columns. In the first column, write at the top “My To-Do List.” At the top of the second column, write “Higher Mind To-Do List.” (If you don’t like “Higher Mind” – find another designation you prefer).

In the first column, write the duties you have with respect to a particular thing in your life. Write the things you are capable of acting on. In the second column, write the things you’d like your Higher Mind to orchestrate.


Column 1/My to-do list: to feel good about myself, to appreciate my life, to encourage thoughts about relationships which feel good. Allow.

Column 2/Higher Mind to-do list: arrange the precise circumstances under which I meet someone with whom I can enjoy a loving, mutually fulfilling partnership.

If you find yourself worrying about or trying to take on the things you’ve assigned to your Higher Mind, revisit your notebook, and remind yourself about what the agreement is.

5. Ask for confirmation

Ever had a really otherworldly experience? Not sure if what you’ve experienced was real? Here’s where it gets really trippy: imagine an experience – say, connecting with your guides or Teachers, – and ask them to give you a physical, third dimensional confirmation of the experience. Again, expect to receive it.

I had such an incredible experience of connecting with a group of guardian teacher beings, whom I called “the Council.” In my mind’s eye I saw myself receiving a golden oval piece of jewellery from them with inscriptions on it. I actually drew the golden oval out on paper. I asked for a “confirmation” of the experience, and the very next day (which happened to be my birthday) a gold Egyptian cartouche made its way into my hands – I walked right into it in an antique store.

These types of experiences allow us to realize that reality is much more fluid and elastic than we perceive. We can learn to make the elasticity and fluidity of reality our personal ally. (And it’s a whole lot of fun).

6. Moving Downstream (to progressively better-feeling thoughts)

This is a favourite practice of mine which I learned from the Abraham-Hicks material. If I am beginning to experience negative emotions or thoughts, I write down thoughts which incrementally bring more and more relief. What this practice does is allow a shift of focus in the moment, and a consequent improved feeling. Practice this often enough and you will become very adept at adjusting your energy to largely remain in a state of positive attraction.

It may sound crazy (who cares), but if you need to, carry a little notebook around with you all the time so you can fish it out whenever you need to bring yourself back into alignment by moving downstream.

An example of moving downstream:

I am feeling uncomfortable because I feel threatened by my colleague’s success.

When I stop to think about it, I realize I really do love my work.

I enjoy my creativity.

I do know I have much of value to offer.

I know that really and truly things come to me only by virtue of the energy I am offering. Nothing else.

So feeling threatened is not the best offering here. I could offer something else.

I know I am really good at making what I make.

I remember when that lady next door called me up and made an order of 50. That was incredible!

It’s nice to serve others.

It feels good to know I can refocus.

I don’t need to condemn myself for feeling threatened.

What is most important is that I find my way back to feeling better, and more aligned.

I like the new ideas I am getting.

7. Full Moon Paper

This one is for the real lunatics, courtesy of the P’s. At each full moon, get yourself a blank sheet of paper, go outside, and stand under the light of the moon so that your paper absorbs the light. You can do this on the day before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon.

Put your paper up carefully in a book, a box, or an envelope. Two weeks later, at the new moon, take it out and write your intentions for the new moon cycle. Write down what you’d like to experience. What you are really doing is creating and ‘riding’ a connecting wave of energy between the moon cycles to be able to focus your thought and intention. 

Once you’ve completed writing out your intentions at the new moon, put your paper away and forget about it!

8. Scripting

Imagine experiencing something that you really want. Maybe it’s moving into a new house or finding a new job. As if you were a playwright, write the script of your experience. Write it in the first person. Get really really specific about what is in your scene.

It’s 3: 30 in the afternoon on Sunday. I’m wearing ___________. I take out my favourite pair of earrings – the ones my sister gave me. I’m noticing how good I feel about myself. I feel light-hearted, expansive, and carefree. I’m walking down Chestnut Street. There’s this antique store right by the Emporium that I really love. The antique store feels ________. I’m noticing the light fall on the ____________.

Write the details which genuinely feel good to you as you think about them.

These spiritual practices are really about one thing: learning and practicing how to direct and focus our energy. The more adept we become at using our inner control panel – our thoughts, and our emotions, the more we live a magical, empowered, and entirely enriching life.

Go crazy.

Have fun!


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