Slow cooking your dreams

Slow Cooking Your Dreams - TaraNIkitaB

Does it have to happen tomorrow for you to feel good about it? Does your dream have to materialize right this minute for it to be a source of inspiration and joy for you in the present?

We’ve been sold on the idea that what we desire must happen immediately, and that the longer it takes to arrive, the more of a reason we have to feel bad.

This is the premise we have collectively hooked into: things taking long is a perfectly legitimate reason to feel bad about our lives.

You’re almost seen as a little mad and out of touch if you take pleasure in imaginatively designing your dream, if you take pleasure in thinking about it, feeling it, sensing it, fantasizing about it…without having a “reason”. The “reason” of course, being some physical, external hint that what you want has already arrived.

Discovering that I could “slow cook” my dreams was a total game changer in my life. I realized I could actually enjoy the process of creatively designing what I want. I could imagine it, and I could be delighted purely by the blueprint in my head. I could add to the blueprint. I could add some basil, and a little French thyme, based on what felt good to think about on any given day, at any given time.

When I began to consciously do this, a few things began to happen. I began to feel good generally. I got better and better at focusing. I could be in the middle of what I didn’t really want and feel pretty okay anyway. If I got off track, I knew how to find my way back to feeling good about what I wanted, simply by attending to my focus. Feeling good, enthusiastic and excited about the things I wanted which had no material basis as yet in my life did one more thing: it actually seemed to speed up the process of them arriving.

It blew my mind.

But then again not so much. I was working with the mechanics of energy. I did not ask anything outside of myself to be responsible for my own pleasure and excitement.

I created it instead.

People around me seemed relieved when I had physical signals that my business was getting off the ground, and to them, that seemed like a basis to continue. To them, the fact that I began to get clients for my business was a basis to keep on going. I felt differently. I stopped waiting for physical signs to give me any indication that I was “on the right track.” I stopped using externals to give me any validation about what I was feeling inside. I decided that enjoying my wanting was more important than waiting for something outside of myself to make me feel good. I decided I could feel good NOW. I chose how I wanted to feel. I decided to worry less about “time” and to focus on what I actually wanted – meaningful connections with people, and a vehicle for the expression of my talents.

I made good use of the “intervening time’’ between my desires and their realization by imaginatively fueling my excitement about what I was creating. I lived in the self-created world of my own imagination. A bonus was that I began to receive inspired impulses which showed me how to take physical action. I began to assume I had something valuable to contribute to others. I began to appreciate myself a whole lot more. THEN, and only then, did things begin to crop up in my experience (in the most mind-bending ways) to show me how I was directing my energy.

There is nothing more delicious and delightful than knowing you created something…consciously.

Here’s the logic…

Conceiving a reality different from the one you presently are in always always always involves the use of your imagination. Your imaginative faculties are central in creating. You want to build a new house? You first imagine having it…you imagine a house different from the one you are in now. It defies spiritual logic and the mechanics of energy to focus on what you are lacking and then create the shiny new thing that you want. You have to learn to imagine differently. You have to learn to enjoy imagining. To savour it. To slow cook with your imagination.

You can’t really look, first and foremost to any reality as a basis to feel good. It is spiritually illogical. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the fruit of your creations – of course not. Of course you’re supposed to enjoy what you have created. But looking to the fruit of your creations as the fundamental basis of your ability to feel good doesn’t make sense because we create from the inside out.

So…how about it. Why not consciously call our imagination into the process of creating. Our imagination only “slow cooks” relative to physical time, because when we imagine something, it is there in our minds instantly. We’re “slow cooking” and savouring our dreams, but with an instant ability to feel appreciation in the present. How about riding the wave of the intervening time by not being too attached to the physical clock?

The process of wanting is supposed to feel great. We all know how delicious wanting someone sexually can feel. We’re right there with them, and we have no doubt that we’ll be experiencing the satisfaction we crave. Our focus is laser like. Nothing can distract us from the pleasure of wanting someone in the moment. Suppose we had that ability to focus on other things? Suppose we were pretty much near-orgasmic with our truest desires? Suppose we enjoyed the sheer excitement of the wanting?

Try it.



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