Is my reader “psychic enough”?

Is my reader psychic enough - Tara Nikita

Last week (it looks like my blog posts are increasingly inspired by the interactions I am having!) I met someone who asked how “specific” I was as a reader, and whether I would be able to identify whether someone had “cancer.” I proceeded to explain to him that identifying details such as “cancer” or “leukaemia” is not the focus of my readings – that my sessions are really spiritually focused therapeutic sessions, and I use the Tarot to intuitively tune into the (very specific!) messages and insights that are in my clients’ best interest to know and to understand.

Certainly, working with the Tarot can help us to understand the energetic basis of illnesses, and “the cards” can help us to tune into messages about the health of our bodies. But his question made me think: would he want to go to a reader for them to identify that he had say, chronic pain, or would he want to [also] understand the energy of his thought patterns and emotions which mirror themselves in the condition of his body? Would he want to understand the energetic foundation of his dis-ease so that he could take steps to remedy it? Would he want to understand how to heal his body by adjusting the energetic offering that his thought and emotions are producing?

I know many readers – of all kinds – tend to feel inadequate because they feel they aren’t “psychic enough.” They aren’t able to tell someone that something is wrong with their gallbladder, or that their new job is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Apart from the simple fact that feeling inadequate is the easiest way to give a lacklustre reading, readers who feel inadequate because they don’t feel “psychic enough” don’t really understand that psychic intuition functions in different ways – and that that’s okay. Some people receive information clairvoyantly, in the sense of being able to see images, some people receive thought forms, some people are conduits for a specific type of healing energy which they relay to their clients during the course of their interaction. Some people are able to intuitively see patterns, and have a knack for intuitively getting to the heart of an issue.

None of these modalities are intrinsically better than the other. Furthermore, psychic ability, or the ability to receive information by extra sensory means doesn’t automatically mean that a reading is helpful or useful. This is what the Pleiadians have taught me: to not put a crown on someone’s head just for the mere fact of their extra-sensory perception, and that the nature of the consciousness of the individual plays a far greater role in his or her ability to provide messages which are authentically healing and therapeutic for someone else. The quality of consciousness of a reader always always always acts a filter for the type of extra-sensory and intuitive information he or she receives.

Tarot reading is fundamentally energetic work, and the frequencial exchange of the participants in a reading has everything to do with the quality of the reading experience. We are collectively moving into an updated understanding and experience of frequency and energy. In terms of the implications this has for client-reader interaction, it means that the reader can rely far more on the energetic exchange which takes place during a reading. It means that the reader’s role becomes one of holding energetic space, of holding the door open energetically to facilitate someone’s healing and empowerment.

One of the concerns that the person I met also had was that, from his observations and experience, Tarot readings tend to be “general” (and therefore, I suppose, not psychic enough). Tarot readings certainly are not inherently general. Perhaps the generality or specificity of a reading has more to do with the abilities of a reader. However, people being read for also need to take responsibility for the kinds of inquiries that they make. I always say that a general question (in the sense of too all-encompassing and therefore vague) gets a general answer. “What do I need to understand about my relationship with David?” is far more specific than the wispy and nebulous, “What do I need to know about my life?”

I was listening to the Pleiadians deliver information during a channel, and someone asked them how to live a life of “more love and light.” The P’s said, in their all too direct manner, that this is not the sort of question they answer, and that had they been asked how to fix someone’s broken toe, they would better be able to help. Given the vistas of time and of consciousness that the P’s have, it certainly wasn’t that they weren’t “psychic enough” – but that the question needed to, from their perspective, be inflected differently.

The other thing I really want to emphasize here is that even highly “specific” psychic information isn’t necessarily ipso facto useful or empowering. There are psychic mediums who use the highly specific information and validation from “departed” loved ones to therapeutically help their living family members move on in their lives with more grace and more ease. Their mediumship readings are designed to help people sense the beneficence and the grace of an existence in which nothing ever truly dies. They reassure people of the bonds of love which exist beyond the parameters of time and physicality as we understand it in the third dimensional playground. On the other hand, there are psychic mediums who provide highly specific information which has little therapeutic/healing value.

We are coming into a time where we have to use more energetic discernment, and to not be fooled, in a sort of “Neptunian” way, by the glamour of “psychic performance.” (Which is of course not to malign people for using their psychic or intuitive abilities. This is, of course, not what I’m saying). In the context of readings, our task therefore is to make an energetic assessment of whether a reader’s ability is actually assisting us. We want readers and intuitives who are personally clear. Impeccably clear. Who are able to clearly transmit their energetic intention for the empowerment and healing of the clients they work with. The mere fact of psychic ability does not mean that someone serves as a clear channel for the highest information and insight someone needs.

So perhaps at the end of the day, this all comes down to what we want from a reading. It comes down to what the purpose of a reading is in our minds. Does authentic empowerment, healing, clarity and insight – regardless of the form a reader’s intuitiveness takes – trump the need for sheer psychic specificity?

Over to you.


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